10 Simple Things We Can Do To Change The World

we can change the world
Each of us can contribute to making this world a better place

1. Use public transport or your bike more often

Since right after heat- and electricity generation the second biggest factor for global warming is transport, using our bike for grocery shopping or public transport vehicles for short distance transport, will be our own little contribution to reduce global warming. Expecting our government or the country to save us and future generations from the immense consequences of global warming is the same as blaming your body for being sick. You are your body and each citizen is the country which means that each go us has to take responsibility to some degree. Also don’t forget all of the health benefits you’ll get from using your bike and all the productive things you can do while using public transport.

2. Save electricity

Due to the fact that the largest factor for climate warming and air pollution is the generation of heat and electricity, each of us can take charge and contribute as he tries to be careful with using and saving electricity. The second major advantage is that saving electricity will lower your monthly costs and you can save money.

3. Be more kind with other people

If you are looking around you might often times see people who will be unfriendly toward each and insulting others on the street, in the mall or in traffic. Spreading hate and negativity is going to reproduce negativity and hate. Imagine someone shouts at someone else on the street because he accidentally bumped into him. Now that he insults that person, the person will carry his anger and bad feelings with himself and probably at home shout at his kid because of something that he would normally never loose his temper about. Instead of being resentful, envious or greedy towards others, let’s be more kind, help others, open doors for others, greet them, giving them appreciation and spread love. Soon, the person will transfer the love you gave him onto someone else and the chain is going to take it’s course. We should never underestimate the responsibility we have in terms of spreading positive emotions and love. Also, we should always remind ourselves to have compassion for those who face us with hate and not let it get into our hearts.

4. Donate 5$ per Month

Imagine if only within a medium sized city with 1 Million habitants each person would donate 5$ per month, that would make an impact of 60 Million US-Dollar used for helping people all over the world each year. If we take into consideration that there aren’t only 1 Millions people in this world who would be able to donate 5% per month, but instead around one billion, the amounts of curing and preventing world hunger, murder and hate the world could achieve only within one year are above imagination. Do yourself a favor, contribute only 5$ per month to a charity organization you think is doing an amazing job and feel the happiness you’ll get since you are giving contribution to humanity and planet earth.

5. Seek first for understanding than to be understood

In order to change the lives of also your close ones, we can try to „seek first for understanding than to be understood“, which is a highly famous concept out of the book „The Seven habits Of Highly Successful People“ by Stephen Covey. If we are for instance having an argument with someone or we want to criticize something someone else did, we should for seek for understanding the other person than fighting for getting our own point across. As long as we take the initiative of seeing things from the other ones perspective, we can have way more successful conversations, reduce unnecessary arguments and learn a lot about communication. If we tan keep in mind that the ultimate outcome of a discussion or deal should be win-win, we changed ourselves and brought humanity one step ahead.

6. Working on ourselves

Imagine each person on this planet could change someone else for the better. You could make that person eat healthier, do sports, be more friendly, make him donate money, learn communication, practice gratitude, become more self-confident and make him contribute more to society. Of course almost nobody would reject the chance to change someone else for the better. Soon, the world would be a far more beautiful place because in the end, countries and nations equals the sum of alle the different human beings that live inside of that society. Of course, we can’t change someone else so on the first sight this concept might seem unrealisitc, but if we take a closer look, we realize that we can at lest change ourselves. In the end, neutrally there is no difference in changing yourself or changing someone else since it’s one better person which acts better on earth in both cases. In order to make the world a batter place, let’s stop arguing with others about their weaknesses and work on ourselves so that as we get better, humanity evolves.

7. Throwing our trash into the can

One simple thing we all can do to in order to not pollute the environment is to simply throw our trash into the can, pick trash up that we find on the street and also throwing or trash into the right can so that it can be properly recycled, burned and so on.

8. Meditate

One great thing each of us can do to become generally more calm, focused and less reactive is practicing the art of meditation. When we are practicing meditation, we sit down at a suitable, calm place and start taking notice of our breath. As we concentrate on breathing, we will find that with time different thoughts will come to our minds. Instead of concentrating on the thought we simply get back to breathing and put all of our concentration on breathing.

9. Buying fair trade products

Buying fair trade and bio products if you can afford them supports right treatment of animals and makes sure that all of your possessions are produced under humanly acceptable conditions.

10. Learning about different cultures and having compassion’s for them

In order to become more tolerant and wise, each of us can look beyond his current circle of concerns and try to understand the arguments of the other side. As democrats, we can study the arguments of republicans, as christians, we can put ourselves in the shoes of islams. We should never make an opinion without having taken the counterpart into consideration and knowing what they are about. At least, we can learn to have tolerance for different opinions and values and remind ourselves that we are of course not all the same but their is one thing that we all have in common: We are human.