If you’ve been into self-actualization for some time your might have experienced that you often times get motivatet to improve your life for short periods of time. It is actually not that uncoomon that people are having some sort of a cool awakaning where they are realising that they could improve their live and do more than they are actually doing. The problem with trying to improve your live is that in most cases you don‘t know where to start. Therefore, we sat down and tried to think of some easy applicable steps to improve your life almost immediately. When thinking of improving your life, you might ask for the best way to start. In fact, there are obviously different ways to go about your journey to become a more successful human being. Most people simply won‘t start because they believe that they have to take on big actions in order to deal with their problems. As we mentioned already in other posts, the truth is that success is often times just the sum of small actions, that you are doing on a daily basis. Now,  we would like to give you our 10 steps on how to imrpove your life by taking very small and easy applicable practices.


Use your free time in the evening as a chance to read a self-help book. You might do this as well in the bus oder in the train.


Workout at least every second day. You don‘t neccessaryily have to sign up to the gym but you can go for a run or have a short workout based on body weight exercises.


Try cutting out every negative and undestructive influence for a whole week. By this we mean main stream media like reality tv shows, facebook videos and often times the radio as well. Instead, we should listen to audio books which will feed us with positive information and motivational ideas.


Save money. Next time you are trying to get good emotions by buying new clothes or something else ask youself if this is really neccessary and save the money instead.

Leave the Comfort-Zone

Talk to strangers. One of the main fears of human beings is talking to strangers. Next time you are at the bus stop or at the grocery store, try out small talk with the shopman for instance. It might be weird the first couple times, due to the fact that you aren‘t used to it, but it will help you becoming more open minded towards others.

Motivational Videos

Watch motivational videos on Youtube ! These videos are a mixture of famous speeches, inspiring videos and motivational music. Whenever you feel sad or weak you should watch motivational videos instead of loosing youself in infinite hours of listening to sad music or eating junkfood as a a compensation.


Meditation. In order to become more present to the moment and experience your life much more intense you can use meditation as a tool. Just sit down for ten minutes and put your focus your breath.


Write a journal. I order to build more self confidence you should try to keep track of your daily improvements by writing down 4 things that you did well that day.