6 Ways To Attain Spiritual Growth

growing spiritually
What Is Spiritual Growth

Since the Dedicated Generation Movement is all about mastering your personal life, becoming a better more contributing human and growing an amazing character along the way, also the idea of „spiritual growth“ is of big importance for becoming your best self.
Due to the fact that most people are out of their spiritual connection with themselves, nature and the universe, it’s a topic which is not that easy to understand for most people. In order to wrap it up, we can describe spiritual growth as the evolutionary process of your character and soul to find universal pricinples and truths of life beyond physical nature. This will help you to process and interpret emotions, circumstances, ideas and events on a different level than most people and you will be in deeper connection with the ultimate energy behind life, nature and the universe, often times referred to as „god“. Also please keep in mind that when we talk about spiritual growth here, this does not mean that you have to have some special religion or sect.

Modern society often times neglects the existence of the soul and anything that goes beyond scientifically measurable events, so that on the first sight the definition of spiritual growth might still seem a little bit weird for some of us to understand. If the actual definition made it a bit hard to understand we can still look at the fruits, the results, the ultimate goals behind spiritual growth so that we can see probably a bit more clear what we mean here.

The ultimate consequence of spiritual growth is growing in love, joy, peace, kindness, gentleness, goodness, patience, faithfulness and self-control. If you are becoming more loving, more joyful, more kind, more grateful etc over time, then you can be sure that spiritual growth is definitely occurring in your personal life.

The ultimate question: How do we attain spiritual growth?

Even though we are able to put into words what spiritual growth is, the actual process of growing and changing that much within your inner nature is a hard thing to attain and definitely something much bigger than just written word. We still have to know that the process of spiritual growth is something that will happen by itself thought the course of your life if you do not block it out completely and you are aware of it. Tremendous progress on the other hand is far more easy to attain if you have special routines, practices and perspectives in regard to the growth of your spirit.
In order to give you some ideas on how to attain spiritual growth (without necessarily being religious), we wrote down 6 ways to grow spiritually and support the natural process of spiritual growth.


growing spiritually through meditation
Meditation is the most popular practice for spiritual growth.

Probably the most fundamental thing any of us can do in order to get in touch with his inner being and stop being caught in all of the mental process of thinking and feeling is meditation. The great thing about meditation is that you can do it wherever you want without any external things outside of yourself needed. Also check out -> Meditation Guide


growing spiritually through reading
Reading spiritual books will help you on your journey towards spiritual growth

Reading the right books about different spiritual teachings and philosophies will definitely help you in increasing your understanding of the world and make your more spiritually connected. When choosing the books you read, go with your inner voice and simply read what sounds appealing to you. Also make sure to try out different things and not being closed minded towards special religions or philosophies. By putting ourselves into other perspectives, we learn to see things from other standpoints and even if they are not appealing to us, at least we get a better sense of the multifaceted nature of life. Also check out: The 10 Best Spirituality Books

3.Seeking The Truth

In order to grow spiritually, we have to put off old beliefs, success barriers and things we thought we knew to be right. As we seek the truth within any situation and don’t get caught up in simple truths but instead think in a more realistic, nuanced way, we will come closer to the true nature of things and learn to deal with reality as it is. So if for instance your partner cheats on you, it’s far more easy to say that humans are bad and that you will never make the mistake of trusting someone again than to say instead „of course something terrible happened to me and these things can even happen even more often in life, but I can’t generalize this behavior onto everybody and of course I can find people who won’t cheat on me. Also I have to take a look at myself and see where I went wrong and possibly have fault myself to a degree that this happened. I should take this as a lesson for life and learn out of this in order to grow mentally and grow in my skills on how to behave within a relationship“. Do you see this ? Which of both mental attitudes seems to be more aligned with the truth of things and which one is simply an overreaction to the event ? In order to grow spiritually, we must always seek the truth beyond anything else and question our own responses on a regular basis.


spiritual growth
Reflection will deepen the roots of your soul

Another great thing to do in order to grow in your spirituality is to take time to reflect on your personal life choices, experiences and mistakes. Growth always consists of two layers. An outer experience or influence and an inner reflection or reaction. In order to make spiritual growth occur within your life, constantly take some time of to think and don’t get stuck within the day to day distractions of life so that you loose time for an actual thinking, feeling and being process.

5.Weeks Of Mindfulness

As weeks of mindfulness we describe specialized laid out weeks within which we will try to focus for one week on one singe attribute or practice that is in correlation with spiritual growth. Let’s say for instance you want to do a mindfulness week of gratitude. One way to go about this is to sit down every morning for one week and do the practice of thinking about 3 different things you can be grateful about within your life. As a result, you will experience more gratitude on a daily basis. The next week for instance you can then focus on having more compassion and try to not judge any person for their personal weaknesses or mistakes for another week.

6.Spending Time In Nature

spiritual growth in nature
Spending time in nature will connect you with the energy of life

In order to make your reflection, prayer, meditation and any other practice of silence work even better, try to spend some time alone in pure nature every now and then. Not that this is just going to make you more healthy, but it will also connect you with the inner most beautiful energy resource one can think of. Being in nature and really trying to feel the underlying energy process that flows their wont just give you an impression on how wonderful life is but we will feel less ignorant, arrogant and self-centered as well.

As you can see, there are different ways and practices that will help you on your personal journey towards a deeper understanding of the world and an alignment with its endless different perspectives, half-truths and elements. While all practices are great, never forget to not get stuck within the practices as practices, but instead, try to keep the end goal in mind which is spiritual growth.