Dedicated Generation is a lifestyle brand for all the people in this world who are trying to change themselves or the life’s of others for the better. Over the last few years, all over the world people began to see the opportunity that the way we live, our circumstances and all of the things we do, are not forced upon us but that we can change ourselves. Your current you, doesn’t has to be the future you. As human beings, we are able to change every single aspect of our lives and that is what Dedicated Generation is all about. Change yourself, change the world and inspire others to do so as well. Modern society calls this personal- or self development. There are four layers on which personal development and every human beings life is built:

1. Love/Relationships/Dating

2. Health/Fitness/Nutrition

3. Business/Career/Money

4. Happieness/Purpose/Spirituality

We, as the Dedicated Generation, are working on all of these layer together in order to change not just our personal lives, but also the lives of others and the whole direction into which humanity is moving. Hatred, murder, jealousy, poverty, disrespect, global warming and all of the other problems in this world would be way less intense if each and every single person would work on himself and his attitude towards mother nature and humanity. Bettering your personal relationships, confidence, finances and health are in the same way part of Dedicated Generation as taking on responsibility for human kind, treating others with respect, helping them and saving mother nature with its sources.

A few things about my person:

Dedicated Generation
Jake,  Founder of  Dedicated Generation

Due to the fact that I’ve been bullied extremely in school for physical weakness, my desire to change myself developed at the early age of 13. I got into self-development and startet my journey in fitness and health. Within 3 years, I’ve been able to transform my body and make my dream physique come into reality. In order to handle my big social issues as a shy and introverted boy, I went out on the street and approached thousands of people, mostly girls for about two years. I was able to learn a crazy amount of knowledge about dating, relationships and love. Through books, courses, mentors, trial and error I learned to set goals and become way more productive and happy. What also happened is that through some very traumatizing setbacks and failures I got into spirituality, philosophy and the quest for what happiness really is. Helping others on their personal journey towards fulfilling their full potential, walking my own journey and fighting for making an impact on this world became my ultimate life’s purpose. And this my friends, is where Dedicated Generation came into the equation. Dedicated Generation is a movement for all like mindet people who are are sick of being unhappy with themselves and also sick of the problems in this world. If you are reading this right know, then chances are good that you are exactly the kind of person we are looking for being a member of the Dedicated Generation. If you are, and even if you aren’t, I hope that this website will help you to fulfill your personal dreams and also make you sensible for taking reasonability to save humanity. Thanks my friend for reading this, and for now, let’s start to make a change.