Balance vs. Extreme Focus


When we are talking about life, work, fitness and all those other general topics, people always emphasize balance as the key to long term growth and progress. Even though trying to counterbalance all those different life areas is of great importance for long term success, also going to the extremes has its benefits from time too time and should never be overlooked.

Whenever we decide to take on a new project like starting to go to the gym or building a company, we should at least consider to go to the extremes from time to time in order to see where we belong and what which way we ultimately want to encounter in our lives.

Lets do not underestimate the value of trying to go extremely hardcore into one direction even if it is for the suffering of another life are. Going to the gym 5 times per week and managing to do meal prep for every single day of the week for instance will bring you to your extreme in terms of health and you will see how much you are able to invest long term without fucking up your other life ares too much.

The big question to ask yourself is this:“ How should I know where the balance lies if I haven’t even tested the extremes in both direction?“ For one person, balance in fitness might mean going to the gym once per week and just trying to eat a little bit more healthy while someone else sees a balanced fitness lifestyle as doing their meal prep twice per week and going to the gym 3 times each week. If you have never tried to eat really unhealthy for one month to if you have never tried to eat extremely healthy for one month, how should you know for sure that you are in balance right now.

Testing yourself by going into different directions of life with a more extreme attitude at least for a short period of time will always have long term benefits in term of you knowing yourself better while at the same time having a period of extreme progress in one special area.

Just as anything in life, also balance has its positives and negatives. Aways trying to do everything in balance and never going out of your balanced life into the hardcore chaos b´might feel comfortable and easy, but it is for sure not always the right way to do something.

The person that went into extreme unhealthy living for several years and weights 250 pound now won’t be alright by going into healthy living in a balanced way. That person better get his shit together and starts to workout on a daily basis with big regard to his nutrition and recovery.

Balance is important and life will always be a counterbalancing act since full balance is just an idea that can never be achieved 100 percent. Still, if you are going to a phase of classiest right now at school or if you are extremely addicted to sugar, going into the extreme by cutting out sugar completely or hardcore studying for a few weeks  won’t be that bad of an idea

In the end, we have to remember that just as live moves on and has different problems to solve throughout different periods, also the extreme might be required from time to time for overcoming those challanges.

If those times then finally arise, make sure that you do not get overwhelmed by the chaos this might create within your life. Just as a muscle grows from getting hurt and being destroyed, also you shaking up your life a little bit will help you to learn dealing with chaos and not everything going as it was planned in before.

Never forget, that out of disorder, there comes order, out of discomfort, there comes comfort, out of pain, there comes strength. People do underestimate the importance of not everything going fine for a while and they do not understand how much we are able to learn out of a crisis. Problems will come and go, chaos will be inevidable, but if we embrace it, and if we are fine with going to the extremes from time to time, we will in the end become the most unshakeable, strong personality we can be.