Be respected – Three ways to get respect

Be respected

I don’t know any person who does not want to be respected. It’s like an everlasting need for all of us. As a result, we can’t deny that there are people who get more respect than other ones. So thinking of our life, how much are we respected? Who have been people so far not respecting you that much? Who are people right now respecting who you are and what you do? In this article, we want to break down how to be respected in the only three ways.

Be feared by being intimidating

Actually it’s not that hard to be respected by others. You can „just“ intimidate people and get at least some form of respect. That is the world’s oldest way of getting respect. That was the only way back then for our ancestors. They had to prove their status by violence. Now with us humans the importance of being physically strong is becoming less and less. But for the animal world it’s still the only way to earn respect. Animals don’t build on gratitude.

Therefore it’s still possible for us to be intimidating to other people. I don’t even want to get deeper into this topic since there are more sustainable ways to be respected. But if you are still interested there are some relatively „easy“ ways to practice intimidation. You can just look firmly into other people’s eyes or talk loud and fast to make your point come through. These are actually good ways without being violent for being listened to in a respectful way. It could be also enough if you grow some muscles to have an overall bigger appearance. If you would have to choose between a small and a big guy to mess around with, you wouldn’t choose the big one, would you?

Even if looking angry or being muscular doesn’t automatically mean your physically superior in a fight, it can still be intimidating to other people. These methods are actually harmless in comparison to making real threats or using violence. So please choose wisely on how you want to be respected just by your presence. If you don’t use it right, people will actually try to avoid you. I don’t know if that’s the kind of respect you want to get.

Be respected by giving respect

Getting to a better form of respect, you can also be respected by giving respect. When you treat others in a respectful way the chances are high they will respond with a similar acceptance. So what does giving respect mean?

After all, giving respect is making emotional approaches towards others. You don’t need to buy somebody a drink to be respected. In fact, you shouldn’t buy anything with the intention to get respect as a result of that gesture. All you need to do is showing honest interest. Showing interest about something you actually are interested will not only make you look sincere but also make you feel good by satisfying your real curiosity.

We always say, that women are sensing it immediately when somebody is not authentic. Actually, I think we all sense it when somebody is like that. Who is not able to identify a false smile? People are not blind. So just ask what you really want to ask and give approval for what you really want to give approval. That will make you be respected in a more sustainable way than being intimidating.

Be admired by giving high value

So if you want to be respected with acceptance, you should go for giving plain respect yourself. But if we are honest with ourselves we also aim for the status of being admired at some point. Nobody ever has complained about being admired by others. Obviously I mean unless you are getting stalked or attract freaks. However, sharing an opinion which is perceived as high value is what we all go for in the end.

Think of all the people you admire yourself. That shouldn’t be hard to think about. But asking yourself what they actually do, that makes you admire them is a harder question. And in fact that is the important issue. So what makes them so special? They are hard working people. Passionate and sharing people. They don’t think twice about what they want to say, they just express what is on their mind freely. And what’s most important is, that they not only show people how to improve but they motivate and make you believe in yourself.

Above all, keep in mind, that we all are admired or at least have been by someone in our life. Regardless of whether you are a parent or teacher, we all played the mentor role once upon a time. It’s a powerful feeling to be admired, isn’t it. That’s what makes us proud of ourself. So if you think about it, it’s actually possible for everyone to obtain that status.