Attractive Man Guide: How to Become an Attractive Man

attractive man
Becoming an attractive man is a learnable skill.

Many men are ashamed that they want to learn how to become an attractive man because they think it isn’t something one should learn, but be from the day they were born. In this article, we’ll see that becoming an attractive man is possible and that everything from approaching to seducing eben until being a log term relationship, is a learnable skill. Sexual desire is the most natural instinct humans have in their bodies . The lust for sexual satisfaction is as normal as the need for food and sleep. Yet, most guys have no clue of how to attract the opposite sex. So many single guys are claiming that they are the biggest playboy on planet earth but the harsh truth is that most guys results speak a different language. The majority of guys would not admit this and most of them actually believe that they know how to talk to women.

„If you want to increase your results with the female gender, you first have to accept that you propably suck in dealing with them.“

If you don‘t know wether you are good with women or not, look at your actual results.

How many girls have you slept with? Would you be able to approach a girl in any siutation and talk with her in a confident way? Are girls magically drawn to your presence or are there no girls at all in your life? Do people conceive you as an attractive man?

In order to help you, we are going to talk about the three basic pillars on which success with women and becoming an attractive man is built. Everyone has his own style on how to seduce girls and we should always remember that girls are not all the same. Some girls reaction on certain behaviours will be different than others but the main aspects of this blog will apply to women in general. Try them out and you‘ll see for yourself that they work

Attractive Man Quality#1 „The outer skills“

The most important and at the same time the hardest part of getting good with girls and being an attractive man is that you will have to talk to hundrets, most likely thousands of them. How would you want to get good at playing the piano just by looking at the notes? It‘s the same with becoming an attractive man. You won‘t get good at flirting and seducing just by reading blogposts online without working on your skills regularly. My challenge for you: Approach at least one girl every single day. If you are the kind of guy who is really shy let me tell you that you don‘t have to ask for their number right away. If you are on your way to work for instance, just ask one random girl where you can find the local grocery store.If you are not experienced with women at all, even this short conversation might feel uncomfortable for you in the beginning. It doesn‘t really matter what you say, the most important thing is that you overcome the fear of talking to strangers. Let‘s say you do this for about two weeks every single day. You will find that after two weeks, asking girls simple questions  won‘t feel that uncomfortable anymore. The next step would be for instance going up to a girl, asking again some random question, but this time you‘ll try to create a short conversation of two or three sentences. Again, the main point of this whole exercise is overcoming your fears and getting comfortable with being social. You want to do this, step by step, until you are finally able to walk up to a girl and tell her that you find her attractive in a totally confident way. You don‘t even neccessarily have to get her number because there will always be girls who have boyfriends. Furthermore, there will always be girls who don‘t want to meet you. Many people think that getting rejected will hurt your confidence but it is actually just destroying your ego. Let go of your ego ! Real self confidence is built on failure. After hundrets of rejections, you will find that you are actually the same as before. You are going to find that girls might reject you, but they won‘t destroy you. An attractive man, has to be able to handle rejection ! It sounds harsh but if you are not even man enough to handle rejection, how could you expect a girl to be able to rely on you ? If you are not able to deal with rejection and you give up right away, then you simply don‘t deserve to become an attractive man.

While approaching more and more girls, you will finally be able to meet women during any daytime situation and get their number. Until then, try to interact with women as much as you can. It doesn‘t matter if you talk to them on the street, at school or in the mall as long as you approach them on a daily basis.

Tip: If approaching girls on your own is too hard, find some guy to go out with regularly. You can simply start by going to the mall an talk to girls. If you are two guys, you can push each other to do more and more crazy stuff. 

Attractive Man Quality#2 „Your cup needs to be full“

Bragging about your money, your girls, your status or any other achievement won‘t make you look anything but ridiculous. GIRLS DO NOT RESPOND TO THAT KIND OF BEHAVIOR and it is not what an attractive man does. Agains, don‘t get this the wrong way. It is good to have those things! I absolutely recommend making much money, meeting many women, becoming more muscular and dressing good but you shouldn‘t do all those things in order to get girls. You should do them with the intention of filling your own cup ! Yes, you can impress girls, but you won‘t do this by showing off. Girls will respond much more to your behaviour and your personality than to your materialistic stuff. Even if you get women to fall in love with your money or looks, those things are still of external nature. Loose your money, and you will loose your girl.

„Being an attractive man comes from within and no money in this world can buy a great, cool und funny personality.“ 

Being able to show manly behaviour comes from within. You can‘t fake it. Therefore, I suggest taking you whole life in you own hands and growing up. You need to take control of your life in every single aspect. Simply by working on your life and taking on a journey towards success with women and life in general, your personality will grow rapidly. Women like man who have a stronger emotional stabilty and personality than themselves.

Take control over you finances, get your health on point, work out, meet friends, work on your dreams,read inspiring books, express yourself, take care of your looks, work on your personality, work on your humor and this list could go endless. In general, your goal should always be increasing your life quality in order to become a confident, trust worthy attractive man.

Only a man of quality is going to get a girl of quality“

When you have your own life under control, and you feel happy to live your life, thats when you are finally going to be able to get girls to like you. It sounds cliche but you first have to love yourself in order to be truly loved.

The point of having your own cup filled is that you are going to eminate your inner happieness and girls will be magically drawn to you if you have much going on in your life. Additionally, you are not always going to be available and your needieness is going to be blown away. Girls will feel that they are not the most important thing in your life and they will become much more attracted to you. Becoming an attractive man is about learning to be happy with yourself and view everything just as a bonus.

Anyways, don‘t forget that you are not doing this in order to make girls like you. You need to do this for yourself. You owe yourself to be an attractive man who would be happy even without a girl by his side.

„Girls are just some nice bonus.“

You may ask yourself what about all those normal guys, those average loosers who still have a girlfriend. Yes they got a girlfriend, but first of all, in most cases this girl is all they got. If they would loose her, they would be alone and have a very hard time to get another girl to actually like them. Even a blind chicken sometimes finds a corn. But what I even need to emphasise more is the fact that those relationships are often times dependent relationships. This kind of relationship is often based on fear. The fear of not being able to find someone else. This is also why so many relationships are often times not working out but the two persons involved will hold on each other without accepting that they may not fit together. People don‘t want to be alone. They are afraid as hell to be alone. When two of those people come together, it often times results in stress, argue, jealousy and unhappieness. An attractive man knows what kind of a girl he wants and he won’t accept a girl that is not meeting his personal values just because he is afraid to not find another, better fitting girl.

Anyways, if two people come together who are both loving themselves and their lives even without someone else, that‘s when true love can happen. `Cause now, they can grow together and create a relationship based on abundance, not on scarecity.

Attractive Man Quality#3 „The right mindset“

When talking to girls, it‘s most of the times not what you say but how you are saying it. In fact, you can talk about nearly everything with girls and get away with it as log as your are coming from the right mindset with it. Your blueprint is the third big aspect that influences your attractiveness to other people, yet, it is the one which is the most complicated to work on. Becoming an attractive man is about shaping your mindset, values and world view in a way which is attractive.

If you are coming from the standpoint that you are in scarcity of women, they will always feel your needieness no matter what you say. Therefore, you need to come from a place of abundance with women. You need to know deep within yourself that there are tons of beautiful, intelligent and sweethearted women out there who are just waiting to meet you. You should also have the mindset that your mission is to give the girl a great time. Love and fun are the essence of great results with women. The primary goal shouldn‘t be sleeping with the girl but instead giving her great, intense experiences.

Many guys have this problem where they think of women as cold hearted, irrational, emotional and superficial creatures. This blueprint will at best result in attracting those kind of girls into your life but most likely it will result in not having girls at all. An attractive man values girls as feminine, wonderful creatures who are to be loved but knows also, that there is an abundance of those within the world.

Another big thing is that guys believe they would have to be assholes, cold-hearted or douchebags in order to get the attention of women. This is not true !

You can be totally genuine and polite if this is your true personality !

At the same time, as an attractive man, you never want to be manipulated by women. As a men, you have to be the leader. You have to be the rock in the midle of the water. No matter how hard the water is smashing against the rock, the rock is going to be uneffected Don‘t ever let a girl manipulate or control you ! If a girl is trying to manipulate you,as an attractive man you need to respect yourself enough to be able to let go of her. Mainly it comes down to knowing that your real personality is enough to be loved, not trying to be someone else, knowing that you can meet girls everywhere and as well accepting and loving them for who they are. Stand up for yourself, have personal boundaries, don‘t let girls manipulate you and accept girls for their decicions and opinions. Love them, protect them but don‘t let them run you over.

Finally, you should also always be proud of being a men. Don’t hide your intentions. As attractive men, we are interested in the opposite sex and thats totally fine. You don‘t need to be ashamed for wanting sex. You don’t need to be ashamed for approaching a women. You don’t need to be ashamed for getting rejected. It’s all good, it’s all normal. As long as you are proud of being a real man, you will be an attractive man.

All in all, in order to become an attractive man, you need to work constantly on your outer skills with women, increase your life quality and develop the right mindset. Don‘t cheat yourself by letting one of the three pillars slack off. Accept failure with women. Embrace challenges. Learn as much as you can. Get your life under control and last but not least, never give up.