Being happy for nothing phenomenon


Without our clear purpose, we are lost. If we don’t have a mission for the day we will just keep laying in bed as long as we can – or get hungry so hungry that we have to get up. And now wonder what our face looks like when we have no plans for the day. Definitely not happy! But we all want to be happy. Here is a simple trick for feeling happy for nothing.

Let’s go through a scenario, let’s say it’s morning time and we just planned with a friend to do something awesome in the evening. For me something awesome would be to preach into the camera, trying a new gym or a date with a special girl. Think of something that you would really be excited for. Now, when you and your friend both agreed on a time, nothing happened but you are still somehow happy. Why? Because you know have an enjoyable activity for the day.

After breakfast, you move to your workplace and endure the time till it’s over (let’s say it’s a boring working day). Now imagine, how you would feel during the working hours with an awesome arrangement in the evening and how you would feel without any plans. In which case would you be happier? Obviously when you have something you can look forward to.

Make this clear to yourself: You have been imbued with hope during the whole day just because there will be something great happening in the evening. So it is already a win to plan something special for the day, because you will not only enjoy the event itself but also the time before.

There are two things that can happen. Either the plan works out or it is canceled. When it works out, what a great day! You have been happy and reassured during the whole day just by looking forward to what will happen, and then it really works out also.

Now here comes the interesting part. What if you won’t even get to your awesome activity? When it has to be canceled. You might be sad at that moment. But think back, you have been happy during the whole day for nothing. And that’s a win by itself, isn’t it? Being sad for a moment compared to being excited the whole day is nothing. The happiness wins!

So after all, we don’t even have to do something in order to be happy. It’s already enough to have something great planned. The fact whether what you plan will happen or not, is not even important in the end. Always have something great scheduled for the late time of your day. You will feel more purposeful in your life.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t want to motivate you to just schedule awesome things and then cancel them afterward. In the long term, you will then actually be more depressed than happy. But what I want to emphasize is that you always need something great in mind. Your day can be just as good as the best activity you practice – or plan.

And with planning, I also mean all the daydreaming and visualizing associated with that event. Just planning by itself is not enough. Normally the pictures pop up in our head automatically when we think of something great. Just make sure that what you have in mind really is awesome.

Know what excites you

So for that one, you’ll want to know what awesome means for you. With whom would you like to spend time the most? What are the activities for which you already have an inner drive? Such an inner drive, that you could do them everyday without it getting bored. For me that would be working out. For someone else it might be drawing pictures. I know also people who are looking forward the whole day just for the sauna in the evening. The world is so various that EVERYONE has something what makes him excited.

It’s a big job itself to find out what activities you are into. Not necessarily easy to find out if you always do the same. By trying out the new you may have luck finding something suiting to you. Just take care of your life and have at least something special scheduled for each day.

I promise, you will feel happy during the day – for nothing.