The 5 Best Spiritual Non Religious Books


1. Baghavat-Gita

The Baghavat Gita is a story of a young man whose life mission is to become a great warrior. Thourghout the process, he is guided by god to fulfill his ultimate life purpose even though he faces doubts difficulties and questions his life.

2. The Power of Now

In the well known Power of Now by Eckhart Rolle, you will learn how to meditate in a way that you become completely present to the current moment and stop maintaining those ongoing thought processes that don’t lead you anywhere. A great book for all those „thinkers“ among us who stopped to enjoy the present moment as it is.

3. The Road Less Travelled

In this book, M. Scott Peck will show us his 3 different liars on which long term spiritual growth is built. A great book that will teach you to questions your own life paradigm and see the world from a whole new perspective.

4. Super Rich

In super rich, we’ll find out the difference between becoming wealthy materialistically and becoming a truly rich person in terms of your spiritual growth. Russel Simmons will teach us what matters most in life and he will show us how what we think will make us happy, won’t do the deal and how we can find true long term happiness in life.

5. The Way of the Peaceful Warrior

In the way of the peaceful warrior, a young man who wants to become a sport champion meets his mentor named socrates. After their initial meeting, the young man realizes that Socrates knows deep spiritual truths and contains the wisdom to find real long term peace and happiness within life.