Early Riser Guide: 5 Tips For Waking Up Early Fully Energized

rising early
Becoming an early riser is not easy but 100% worth it

Even though most of us sleep long and don’t wake up early to pursue our goals, most of us have at least tried once in our lives to become an early riser. We all know that waking up early in the morning, working on our projects, being productive and feeling healthy would be of great value in our personal lives. Still, most of us didn’t manage to become an early riser and we are basically living from day to day with stressful, unproductive and often times even unhealthy morning rituals. Instead of waking up early we try to stay in bed as long as we can, we hit the snooze button again and again until there is finally no more excuse to stay in bed. Then we rush through our apartment, trying to pack all the things we need for work until we finally arrive at work with already having experienced stress the whole morning. It’s funny how so many people will tell themselves to wake up early the next morning in order to achieve something but as soon as the morning arises the whole idea behind waking up early seems to make no sense anymore. Suddenly our brain doesn’t even realize any benefits of waking up early and the whole idea just seems incredibly stupid.

-Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise-

Since becoming an early riser isn’t so much about genetics and much more about discipline and technique, in this article we will give you 5 different techniques that will help you to become a productive, hard working and disciplined early riser. Each of of can wake up early and if we commit to these 5 tips it will help us to become an early riser almost effortless.

1. Go to bed early

rising early
Going to bed early is the basis for becoming an early riser

The first and major step towards getting up earlier is simply to go to bed earlier. Of course you won’t be able to fall asleep around 8 or 9 pm right from the beginning, but as the weeks pass and you are consistent with waking up at the same time every morning, you will be more exhausted in the evenings and automatically want to go to bed earlier. In order to have better sleep, make sure that your room is as dark as possible, try to avoid any noise, use ear plugs if necessary and don’t look at any LED light around 1 hour before going to bed. If you go to bead early, you will automatically start to wake up earlier and becoming an early riser will be much easier.

2.  Always wake up at the same time

Another thing to make sure when becoming an early riser is to always get up at the same time in the morning. Don’t hit snooze, sleep for another hour our have different times to wake up for different workdays. If you want to come an early riser, you should also make sure to wake up early on the weekends (which is amazing by the way since you get so much done) and you should take care that every single day your body can get used more to that one particular time you set for yourself to rise early.

3. Plan your mornings in advance

planing early mornings
Knowing what you will do and how you will do it even before the morning has come will improve your willpower

In order to make it easier to rise up and attack the day that early in the morning, one great thing you should do is planning your mornings in advance. As you already set your alarm for the first day, try also to prepare your breakfast, clothing, first drink in the morning, toothbrush and everything else you need for the next morning. As you start to put a glass of water next to your alarm clock or your jogging shoes next to your bed, rising up will become much easier since you only have little steps to overcome. You know that you won’t need to cook something and you know the you don’t have to go through the could floor shirtless so there is less of a need to stay in bed.

4. Place your alarm at the other side of the room

The best way to not hit snooze and to make sure that you truly wake up at the time you set out for yourself. Try to place your alarm clock at the other side of the room. Since you are forced to get up to set off the alarm, you are already forced to leave bed and there won’t be any way to hit snooze. As soon s you stood up and set off your alarm, if you followed tip #3, there should be a glass of water right next to your phone or alarm. As you then drink the water, you start to get more awake and you already fought against the dehydration happening to your body every night.

5. Go to bed with the right intention

Last but not least, one of the best ways to wake up fully energized in the morning is to have the right mindset and intention about the next day already when you go to bed. Some people say that your last thought in the evening will become your first thought in the morning and even though there is no scientifically evidence for the truth of this sentence we still found it to be of great value for those among us who want to become early risers. You might not believe that this works but we can guarantee you that in almost all cases people achieved great benefits out of this idea.

So as you go to bed, instead of talking to yourself badly how painful and tired you will be the next morning, go to bed and tell yourself that you will be amazingly energized and happy the next morning. Actually try to almost hypnotize yourself by telling ourself again and again how great the morning will be and how amazingly energized you will be. It might sound crazy, but if you do this regularly, you will notice a big difference in your mornings even if you only had around 4 hours of proper sleep.

As we’ve seen, there are great things we can do in order to program ourselves onto becoming an early riser way more effortlessly and there is finally a way how everybody can start to learn using his mornings in a more productive, positive and uplifting manner. We wish you great success and an interesting journey to now finally become an early riser!