How To Develop A Personal Daily Routine

a daily routine will lead to success
Develop your personal daily routine

Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out.

Let‘s be realistic for one moment. Please put all your old beliefs, experiences and thoughts  by side and try to follow what we are about to say.

Do you think a fitness model woke up one day with a six pack and huge arms ? Do you believe that an entrepeneur made one small deal and owned a 100 Million dollar company all of a sudden ? If you think closely about it, most successful people had to work extremely hard to get to their current position in life. A boxing champion didn‘t took boxing lessons for like half a year twice per week and then became the world champion.

It is the same with every single area of your life that you are trying to become successful in. You have to put in your time in order to succeed. If you want to loose weight, you‘ll have to keep your diet on point every single day. You will also have to get your workout done day after day and it won‘t stop. There are no shortcuts towards acheiving your goals and there is no magic pill that will take the journey for you. The payment for loosing weight will be pain, hunger, discomfort, sweat, less time and the list goes on. Additionally, you have to realise that this payement will be neccessary every single day maybe for years. The good side of the coin is that the beginning is always the hardest. Every new behaviour which you take on will be much easier after one month of doing it daily. Think of brushing your teeth for example. Do you study the pros and cons of brushing your teeth every morning and evening. No you don‘t, because you have formed a habit so trong that you don‘t even consider not doing it.

Therefore, if you are trying to make an overall improvement in your life, you‘ll have to develop a daily routine with small little tasks which you‘ll repeat day in and day out. We are what we constanly do. This means also that time managment has to be one big part of your life. Don‘t waste time doing things you don‘t need to do and start right now forming the habits that will lead you towards your goals. In order to help you developing your daily routine, we wrote down the following 5 essential tips.

1. Write down your goals and form the habits that will lead towards achieving these goals.

2. Get a planner. A planner will help you writing down all the things you have to do the next day and plan the whole day so that you do not waste any minutes.

3. Get up earlier. Most peoples excuse for a daily ruotine will be that they are working full time from 9 to 5 and that they don‘t have the extra amount of time and energy to form the required daily habits. Therefore, form the habit of getting up for instance at 5 am.

4. Use every single hour of the day to keep yourself on track. You could for instance listen to audio programs while cooking, driving or waiting for the bus. You could as well look at some motivational online seminars instead of watching reality TV shows. Whatever our main time waisting habit is,we should cut it out and replace it with doing something productive that will motivate us.

5. Look for people as friends who are going to encourage you with your daily routine and who will support you. You can even try to convince a good friend of yours to take on the same path, so that you can plan and develop your daily routine together. This will allow you to control each other and you’ll be under the pressure to follow through.