Fear Guide: Just Do It !

Just Do It!

Just do it

Have you ever been so scared of something that it would make you feel powerless? Have you ever learned lessons by mistakes which felt painful in the beginning but they helped you growing in the long run? Everybody wants to live a happy and fulfilled life, but the majority of people is never going to feel true hapieness. One of the main reasons for people to be unhappy is their lack of courage and discipline.

Remember back when you had your first day at school or at your new workplace. You probably felt some form of fear during those times. But are you still scared to go to your workplace right now? Most likely not. So what is this thing that scares us but makes us stronger over time? Human beings are feeling fear when they do something they never did before. This is what we call the idea of being out of our comfort zone. During these situations we don‘t feel particularly safe or comfortable, which means that we are put into a stressful situation. Our intention is showing you how to use this principle for your own advantage and improve your life along the way.

What is your biggest fear?

We want you to ask you, if you would die today, what would you regret that you haven‘t done ? It may be as simple as talking to your school crush but it can as well be something bigger like applying for your dream job or moving to a foreign country. Whatever your personal dream is that you didn‘t realise because of the uncomfortable feelings it might include: Just do it! If you aren‘t able to do it right know, work for it. Do anything possible in order to get to the point of conquering your biggest fears.

The fear of failure has killed more dreams than failure itself will ever do. It is, in fact, the failure that makes you stronger and growing as an individual. Remember how fast the ten last years went by and know imagine your whole life blowing by just like that. Do you want to lay in your bed old an weak while asking yourself „What if…“?

The harsh truth

Most people won‘t ever do the thing they are afraid to do unless they are forced by someone else. They will rationalize their behaviour with exuces like “ I might do it as well later“ or “ I‘m not int the mood to do this right now“. The problem is that most people will never attack their fears and put themselves outside of their comfort zone. This will lead towards procrastination and you will just coast through life without achieving anything significant. Avoidung to attack your fears may seem easy in the first place, but the fear will still be there as a shadow over your hapieness and you know deep inside that you won‘t ever live to your fullest without conquering your fears.

Which path do you choose?

Consequently, you have to decide for yourself which path you would like to take on. Do you want to achieve great things in life or are you the kind of person who loves to chill and just coast through life? Always remember that you will either feel the pain of doing something new and being uncomfortable, or you will feel the pain of remaining the same.  Additionally, you have to understand that there will never be an easy path towards great lifetime achievements so don‘t even consider a shortcut towards success.

True self-confidence

Another great advantage you can get out of this concept ist the power of self confidence. Self confidence comes from the deep knowing that you are able to deal with every situation, even if it might go wrong and especially if you feel pain during the process. Whenever you stretch out of your comfort zone, you will become a little bit more confident and this will eventually add up over time. The simpliest way to build self confindence is  constantly dealing with stressful situations and challenging yourself.

Besides telling you to conquer your biggest fears, we would also like to encourage you to stretch out of your comfort zone on a daily basis.  It doesn‘t have to be something big. You may simply talk to a stranger about where to find the train station or waking up one hour earlier in the morning. You may also try out a new sport or cut out unhealthy food for one day. Doing something new every day will help you growing your self-confidence, boost your daily energy and make you a happier individual. Start small but whatever you do, there has to be this little resistence inside of that you need to overcome.

So from now on, whenever you know deep down inside what the right action would be, just do it!