Fuck The Online World And Have Real Fun Again


Especially we as man but also many women struggle with having real fun in life. When talking about fun, in this case we don’t mean watching a nice movie or reading a book but instead we mean those real deep meaningful moments with friends and loved ones where we just totally let go of ourselves. Many people have at least a few times in their life felt that flow moment where erything just seems effortless and they are fully present to the moment. Whenever we experience those moments together with friends or family members, it starts to create a bond between us which will deepen the relationship on a fundamental level. Have you ever experienced yourself maybe playing a sport, climbing a mountain, being out in nature, going out partying or simply spending time with loves ones to a point where you completely lost your identification with your persona and you just became one with the moment? It is those moments that we will never forget which will give a glimpse of appreciation even many years they passed.

In this article, we would like to talk about exactly those moments of fun and what we can do to experience these situations on a regular basis to enrich our lives and live to the fullest of our potential. In the end, the depth and length of our life will subjectively depend on the frequency and intensity of different experiences we made within our lives. The more we experience, the more will we feel alive and happy. Of course, its not just about striving for new experiences but also learning to take also small things in and have true appreciation for also all those little wonders of life.

In our world, many people are struggling with thinking they somehow go down a hamster wheel of striving for making a living, cooking, doing the household and sleeping only for the sake of existing without having any time to strive or go for those amazing adventures and experiences in life. While on the one hand making money is a good thing to make cool experiences and acquire fun luxuries, it also becomes the price we pay for having less time and more responsibilities we do not even care about. We then ask ourselves where did all the time go and get somehow depressed without being able to truly define what it is that is missing in our lives.

As humans, we go to a job we often times hate only for being able to survive and pay the rent for a house and care that lies beyond our personal means. The problem is that we then have to go to work to being able to finance all of those things so there is almost no free time left to fully take these luxuries in and have gratitude for them. Consuming culture makes us working more and working harder only for buying more and more things, we then have less time to appreciate. Not forgetting that all of those things are nice but to almost all of them we will get used to and ultimately loose interest in them. They do not provide these real meaningful experiences and in the end we buy most of those things anyways simply to impress people we don’t even like.

Another big factor for us not being able to have fun anymore is that we mistakenly think getting entertained is the same as having fun. We spend our free time on social media looking up vines, watching soap operas on television and drinking alcohol or smoking. Not that any of those things are of the the kind that the we should never do them, but for most of us they became such a big part of life that we actually think they are what true fun is. Have you ever looked back on your day watching youtube videos and thought, wow this was a life changing true meaningful fun experience I will never forget? Is it really THAT much fun to look the newest reality show on TV? Is it really THAT fun to drink alcohol and not remember the half of the night waking puking the next day?

The other extreme factor which hold us back to have fun is that we are completely stiff without being able to express ourselves and make ourselves laugh. Especially we as men with our logical thinking often times can’t let loose and just dance or clown around. We try to be super cool with the result of becoming boring and lame.

Of course these are just extreme examples and there is also fun to some degrees in them, but for real long lasting fun, they simply won’t do the real deal. If we truly want our lives to become better then we will have to make time for more meaningful experiences like traveling, meeting friends, doing something together as a team with friends, go to the beach, climb a mountain, go partying or any other thing you consider to be of real value. Make sure to make fun a big priority in your personal life and that you want to make more little but also big new experiences on a regular bases. Make a list with a friend of crazy or amazing things you want to do together and then cross of one thing per week. Spend less time on your cell phone, social media or television and start to make an effort to do amazing things with your life. Also make an effort to go out of your comfort zone with dancing on parties, approaching strangers, doing weird things with the ultimate intention to fully let go of your self image and being able to let go while laughing about yourself.