4 Tips For More Energy

becoming energized
running is great for having more energy

How much energy do you have? One of the most important questions you should ask yourself on a daily basis. In order to be successful, happy, communicative, fit and all the other things you wish for, your energy level has to be on a very high level. Nobody is going to change the world if he is sick, laying at home in his bed. You won’t ever realize you goals if you don’t even have the energy to start pursuing them. Obviously, being able to create energy within your body is a very important skill all happy and successful people have to learn at some point. While expansion, and hardcore work is a great thing, also at the same time we have to make sure that we take breaks effectively and that we are constantly helping our body to work on full power. In this article, I would like to show you some great, simple ways to to increase your energy level drastically and also to maintain this level on a daily basis. Let’s do this.

1.Motion creates Emotion

The great teachings of Tony Robbins contain his energy concept which is called „Motion creates Emotion“. So what this basically means is that at any point throughout our day, by doing the right movements with our body, we can become more energized, happy and vital in any situation. As long as you know how to push your personal buttons, you can have energy wherever you want. Since feeling energized is not only a physical, but also to big part a mental state, by making your body move, your emotions will follow raising up. In order to have more energy right before a speech, approaching a girl, holding a presentation or simply spending time with your family, here a a few physical movements that you can do.

Breath deeply and fast

By putting your focus onto your breathing, your body will be filled with more oxygen and you are instantly going to feel more awake. Make sure you breath in deeply into your stomach and switch the speed of you breathing as you do.


Go for a short run, jump up and down or simply shake your whole body for a few minutes. What this will do is that you won’t just feel more warmed up but also it will relax your muscles.


It might sound crazy but making loud noises through screaming and shouting can wake you up even better than a cup of coffee. In this case make sure that your shouting is an expression of joy and not anger.


If you feel low, another great thing to boost your energy is simply to put on you favorite dance song and start to dance. If you don’t want to do it in public go into your room or somewhere else where you’re alone and simply dance for a few minutes. Your mood will instantly go up.

2.Energy through Recovery

Whenever you feel tired, exhausted or sore, it’s a sign that you lack recovery. Deep sleep will be necessary for you to be highly productive and energized in the long run. Only in very rare situations, you should cut sleep in order to get some special project done. In fact, most of the time it will be much more intelligent to stop working and simply get the right amount of sleep so that the next day you will be able to finish even more work. In order to get the right amount of recovery make sure that you sleep in a dark room, go to bed early and don’t watch tv or look at at any other unnatural light around one hour before going to bed. A famous quote once said „ Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise“. Never underestimate the necessity of recovery. Also, you should make sure that at least once a week you have a day where you don’t do anything that takes much brainpower and you simply have some time for yourself, with friends or with your girlfirend/boyfriend. As you can see, it’s actually even the most obvious things that will help you to regain your power and have more energy throughout your day to day life.

3.Drink enough Water

It’s actually as simple as that. Drinking more water will increase your energy level dramatically since most of the time when we feel tired, we simply are dehydrated. Due to the fact that coffee, juices and alcohol only dehydrate your body even more ,make sure to always drink clean, pure water. In order to get some taste you can press a fresh lemon into your water. Also, the lemon will provide your body with vitamin c and support your immune system as a result.


4.Energy through the right foods

Please answer this question. If you would buy a 100.000$ Dollar horse for a running competition, how would you feed it ? Of course, you are only going to feed it with healthy corns, fresh vegetables and all the other healthy foods directly from nature. Nobody would feed this horse with hamburgers and coca cola, even though they might taste better. Now guess what, just as the horse needs to compete, you have to compete every single day and perform at your best. If we would feed our expensive horse the right nutrients, why do we then always put so much crap into our own bodies ?

We all know that healthy nutrition will improve our personal health, vitality and energy level significantly, but still, almost nobody really takes care of what he puts into his body. The urge to eat sweets, junk food and drink soft drinks gets satisfied almost our entire lives. Our suggestion here is to cut out all sorts of unhealthy food and drinks out of our life completely for one month. After one month of pure healthy nutrition, you won’t even miss any of the unhealthy food you probably ate on a regular basis before. If you want to go deep with nutrition, you’ll be able to find unlimited amounts off different ways to go about your diet on the internet. People will tell you to cut out carbohydrates, fat, white flour and literally anything else we eat from day to day. In order to not get lost in the details, here is our simple but effective rule for healthy nutrition. The further away the food is from nature, the less often you should consume it. For the most part, your diet should maintain fruits, full corn bread, rice, fresh vegetables, nuts, and lean meat. Also, you should have more tiny meals during the day instead of three big ones in order to keep you metabolism working. Now, if your main goal is to build muscle or loose weight, the approach might be different. Still, as long as your only want to get more vital and energized throughout your day, eating directly from nature for the most part will do the job for you.