Stand Up For Being A Man


Men of all age have been shamed over ages now for being who they are. The movement of feminism made men believe they couldn’t be proud to be man and made women believe they are better of without men. Slogans like „so easy, even a man can understand“ and reality shows in which men get publicly shamed for being losers by their wives became normal. The news reporting about men hitting or raping women only fuels the assumption that we as man are worthless and the more primitive of both genders.

In this article we would like to push through to all men and inspire you to be proud again just as women can be proud to be women. Even though feminism definitely makes sense and is of big importance within our society, also feminism has its limits.

Man becoming little, soft pussies, having no male role model anymore to look up to is the most obvious phenomena of modern society in terms of how man changed throughout the last few decades. Nowadays, we are put of as being machos if we say that we are proud to be man and we have to be overly careful with not coming off as disrespectful towards women.

Please let us state here that of course both genders are equally worth and that none is better than the other. Also, both genders are equally beautiful with all of their typical characteristics and natural behavioral patterns. Still, we have to remind ourselves that even though men and women are equally beautiful, there are not the same at all.

Just as both men and women have completely different physiological appearances, also their psychological pattern are completely different. Male and female personality characteristics still exist and both of them have their importance in society.

In this article, we would like to state some typical manly characteristics and just invite you to embrace them instead of hiding them. Do not ever apologize for being a man and respect yourself enough to completely stand behind what you do.

  1. The urge to compete

We as man have the natural tendency to compete with other men over our strength, our intelligence, or willpower and many more characteristics. As men, we take pride in competitions and we love to win over our friends in whatever competition we set out for ourselves. We love to be the best and we love to win over others. Thats the way we are built by nature and we should never make the mistake to hide our urge to compete.

2. The urge to have sex

Craving the beauty of women and desiring them sexually is by definition the most physiological part of being a man. The whole structure of our brains and body is desired to be able to produce testosterone when women are around and impregnating them thought sexual intercourse. We as men love to fuck just as women do and we should never make the mistake to hide this. Only immature women or extreme feminists will say that men should apologize for their desires in a women. Any female, sexual healthy women will love her men to get hard for her all day and telling her about his desire to fuck her. Women love to be craved and they love to have sex. Never be ashamed to wanting sex and be completely open about your sexuality.

3. Being a leader

We as man are made to leaders. Our physiques appear more stronger than the female since we are the ones who are supposed to protect them and lead them into a safe enviroment. This does not mean that we should ever make use of our physical advantage with women, but instead it means that you should consider yourself a leader if you are ever dealing with women. Female women will always appreciate a man that who charge to plan something to do and who dominated her in bed. Of course there are also women that like to be a little bit more dominant in bed. Of course also the opinion of a female just matters as much as the one of the man. By telling you to take care of being the leader we simply mean to take charge for making things happen if the women gives you that space.

Also make sure to not just be dominant with women but also in life in general. As a man, you set out the rules you want to live by and you set out what you want to do with your live. We as true man donÄt let anyone tell us what to do or what to believe in. We decide what we want in life and no matter who is telling us that we are not deserving it, we fuck their opinion and go four our dreams.