How to Be an Attractive Man – The Dedicated Guide

How to be an attractive man

Attraction is key, guys! Who actually does not want to be attractive to women? We all want to look like the real deal in front of the girls. Just realize how you act differently when you are only with guys and when suddenly a hot girl walks in. We just naturally behave more masculine and get aware of whether the girl likes us or not. So let’s not lie to ourselves: We all want to know how to be an attractive man.

Get jacked

I’m sorry to make this one clear upfront. But we just have to face it: Girls are attracted to strong and jacked guys! I don’t claim that you need to have the power of a competing strongman or to have super big arms like pro bodybuilders, but you actually know what I mean. Yes, the typical six-pack guy with bigger shoulders than average is enough for this purpose. That’s actually what looks „jacked“ to women.

Nevertheless, you can be skinny or fat without muscle mass and still be an attractive man in some women’s eyes. But the point I’m trying to make clear is that girls are just more attracted to jacked guys than to average looking guys. It’s a fact! Not the most crucial, but still a fact. Therefore, if you want to know how to be an attractive man, just engage in a sport where you also have a high chance of building some muscles.

The good news is that everybody can actually become more muscular. The ability to look jacked is not preserved to a chosen few on this planet. Luckily, every man can become a beast by hard, hard work. So move your ass into the gym and aim for an attractive physique.

Build a strong foundation

When it comes down to fucking hot girls, we tend to think that we can control attraction with the right techniques. Actually, this might be even true to some degree. But in the long run, it’s not about the techniques. An attractive man doesn’t need any specific fine tuning in order to attract women. We will find a way on how to be an attractive man without using magic tricks. Just focus on the roots and the rest will set in place automatically.

Passion is everything

Not only girls but people, in general, are more likely to listen to passionate men. Just think of someone who is a basically good person but always talking in a monotonous and boring way. Whether the audience is kids, men or women, that is simply unattractive for anybody! A passionate voice bundles the attention of all humans.

Additionally, girls let themselves get carried away easier than men do. That’s good news to us if we are actually passionate men. Girls want to see your eyes burning for something. They want to see your hands forming fists when you preach about something big. They just need to feel that masculine vibrancy in order to be attracted to you. So the actual question of how to be an attractive man has a lot to do with your life passion!

Purpose is even greater

Women will say this often times: Man needs mission! I can’t tell you what exactly it is, whether it’s the dedication, the persistence or determination, but having a great mission as a man is very sexy to girls. They are just wired to accept a subordinate role to you if your purpose is high enough. They want you to be their leader if you deserve it. And for that one, your mission needs to be a really big one.

Moreover, having a clear purpose will distract you from the unnecessary tiny issues. You will not worry about whether a girl likes you or not. And as a result, you will be even more attractive to women. When you actually have this one set properly you don’t need to read a lot about how to be an attractive man.

How to be an attractive man – Desire sex all the time

Are you thinking a lot about sex? Be honest with yourself, when you walk through the city, do you look at the girls having fantasies or not? This one is really different for all of us and also depends on our life’s phase. Sometimes we are very easily triggered by every girl’s ass moving by. And sometimes we are not even realizing that there are girls surrounding us. For instance, this can be seen whenever you have a relationship and are truly happy with your girl. Mysteriously, you won’t care about other girls‘ appearances near to you.

Nonetheless, take care that you are desiring sex often. That will not only make you take more action but also provide a clear purpose for all your conversations with hot girls. As we have found out, we as men need our mission. And having at least the mission of fucking a girl is better than having no intention at all for the conversation. It’s actually disrespecting to her to not want to fuck her. However, be careful with this approach, you actually shouldn’t go for sex with every girl. You know the forbidden ones, don’t you?

Play the attraction game

On the whole, think of attraction as a game. It’s definitely not the pure seriousness anymore in our age that determines how to be an attractive man. Rather, attraction is an exchange of vibrant emotions. Girls want to feel desired, but not only for superficial reasons. They want you to be cocky and funny. So what I mean by this is that you have to forget to be serious about something that is not even a serious thing. Attraction is very similar to a game.

Women want you to be very serious about the important matters in life such as your big purpose. But they don’t want you to think a lot about how you can make them to like you. So after all, work out like a beast to get the jacked physique girls like. Never lose track of your mission as a man. Be passionate about your life and express that in every sentence. And finally, with thinking a lot towards sex plus playing the attraction game you should be headed in the right direction on how to be an attractive man.