How To Become An Alpha Male

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This is an alpha male

When we as humans are thinking of an alpha male we often have this picture in our heads of some guy that is 6,4 feet tall, has muscles like Dwayne Johnson and a deep, manly voice. Even though all of these characteristics convey alpha male qualities, we do not necessarily need to obtain them in order to get an alpha male ourselves and grow into the role of a leader.

What is an alpha male?

Conventionally, the alpha male of a group is the leader of the tribe. He is the most courageous, decisive and manly tribe member with most status and power. The alpha male is generally the one that sets the tone and he is the kind of guy women are attracted to. The alpha male has different characteristics and behavioral patterns that will make him being attractive for the opposite sex while at the same time they also make him being respected among men.

Even though we often believe that we ourselves are not made to be alpha because we do not possess specific physical characteristics, let us tell you that still everybody can learn to be alpha. Also we have to state, that becoming an alpha male is not something we do just once. Being alpha is a way of life, it is a constant journey of progress, growth, pain, pride and never ending improvement.

Becoming an alpha is not easy, nor should it be. If it would be easy to become a men of strength, virtues and pride, every men would do it. If you are the kind of guy that wants to improve his relationship with the opposite sex, attract amazingly beautiful intelligent women, make a lot of money, and have a deep gratitude for your life, then becoming an alpha male should be your top priority in terms of your personal life.

In order for you to become the ultimate alpha male and fulfill your full potential as a man, we put together the 10 most important qualities to attain for becoming an alpha male.

Physical Strength

In order to become an alpha male your won’t have to be Arnold Schwarzenegger or Mike Tyson. You don’t have to be the most muscular guy on the planet and you also don’t have to be a professional MMA Athlete. Not that those things are bad, but they are simply not necessary to become an alpha male. Still, as a man on his way to become an alpha male, we will have to attain physical strength to grow in our manliness and be able to give the women a feeling of being protected. Working out, getting fit, at best building muscle while increasing your cardio won’t just make you look more male but also increase your strength of character, sense of purpose and overall testosterone level in your blood.

In order to grow in your physical strength, follow the following steps and become an attractive alpha male:

1. Work out regularly

2. cut out alcohol, smoking and sugar

3. loose weight or build muscle whatever your need

4. do cardio regularly

5. get enough rest

6. eat enough proteins, vitamins, complex carbohydrates and minerals

7. stretch daily

8. take ice cold showers every morning

Strength of Character

Any strong alpha male does not just attain physical strength but also strength of character. As an alpha male walks through life, even though he might have ups and downs, he still knows that he will be good of. An alpha male does not bitch about his circumstances nor does he sink in self pitty. He takes charge for his own life wile knowing that he has full responsibility for the outcome of his life.  Strength of character also means that in order to become an alpha male you will have to attack your fears on a daily level while always growing beyond them. An alpha male does not betray others nor does he talk bad behind their backs. Also an alpha male has strength of character and virtues that he lives by. If you want to become an alpha male with an outstanding strength of character then follow the following practical advice:

1. write down all of your fears and constantly check them off by doing something on purpose that you are afraid of

2. approach women on the street by telling them directly that you wanted to talk to them because you find them attractive

3. write down your personal virtues and make a deal with yourself that you will learn to live by each of those virtues as best as you can

4. remind yourself of your virtues on a daily basis

5. constantly reflect on your own behavior and take any critique seriously by asking yourself if it has a true core

The Sharp Mind

Just as an alpha male has a strong physique with strong character traits, he also has a strong mind. An alpha male will never think that he already knows everything about something and always be open to learn new skills, facts and acquire more life wisdom. Just as most men and women will start to stagnate with learning as they get older and develop an ego about what they already know, an alpha male will do the exact opposite and constantly seek our for more things to learn. If you want to sharpen your mind with the ultimate intention to become an alpha male, follow these rules:

1. read regularly

2. stop watching bullshit Tv shows and operas

3. look out for others that are more advanced in some particular life area than you are, make friends with them and learn from their experience

4. instead of watching TV listen to audio programs that will teach you something

5. have a journal for new insights and learnings you made each day


The fourth quality of the modern alpha male is self-confidence. True self confidence doesn’t mean to think you are better than others or to have a big ego about being good at everything. Deep core confidence is about knowing that we as humans are all not perfect and that we all have special weaknesses. Accepting this as a fact while at the same time having full self acceptance about who you are as a person without having your self confidence being attached to external factors is what true self-confidence is all about. In order to become an alpha male, we have to let go of any attachments and learn to face our self-confidence even without them. Just as it is with building an alpha character, also learning to have core confidence will force us to face our fears and grow above them. The ultimate goal to always know you will be good off and that you can overcome any obstacle while also believing you deserve the best is the final manifestation of what core confidence in yourself will look like. In order to grow in your self- confidence follow the following steps:

1. learn to let go of your ego by approaching women directly and get more than 500 rejections under your belt

2. if your self confidence is attached to any external factors like your hair done a certain way, shave your head and go out with that style. If it is for instance your style or your group of friends that gives you situational self confidence, then go out alone or go out wearing shitty clothes

3. start a self confidence journal in which your write down 10 things you did good every single day


A true alpha male will not hold back any part of his personality just because he is afraid to show it. No matter what kind of a special hobby you might have or which weird habit you have, always stay true to yourself and stand behind what you do with full honesty. In order to become an alpha male, learn to be fully authentic and honest with who you are and always talk your mind except it could hurt someone or its completely inappropriate in that special situation. Knowing who we are as men and being fully open about expressing your emotions, thoughts, lessons and questions in life will make you not just extremely attractive for the opposite sex, but also well respected among your peers. With the final goal in mind to become an alpha male, we have to learn to put off all filters and just be ourselves in any situation no matter where we are. Follow these ideas and steps to become way more self expressive:

1.start to talk your mind within conversation by being honest about your opinion and find reference experiences for the fact that nothing bad will happen if you talk your mind

2. do crazier things like partying without a shirt, being loud in public places or take on small challenges like sitting on the street

3. desensetize yourself against feeling judged by doing crazy things on purpose lots of times so that being yourself isn’t even that big of a deal anymore

4. tell people that you disagree with them when they talk about their opinions and you actually do disagree


While taking your progress and improvements in different life areas very seriously, don’t take life itself that seriously often times. Another very important skill to master when becoming an alpha male is to have humor and being able to laugh about yourself. Never make the mistake to think that the true alpha male is the James Bond kind of guy that is always serious and cold. Instead, being able to provide fun, being happy and making others having a good time will make you way more liked and people will start to celebrate your company. In order to grow in your humor, take the following steps:

1.find out for yourself what you think is funny and start to laugh more about that you think funny without holding back

2. surround yourself more and more with funny, cool people and start making more jokes with them

3. don’t try to become funnier by learning special jokes and instead just talk about what you yourself is funny while at the same time learning to get unstfifulled as already mentioned above in „self-expression“


Even though it should never be the center of the alpha males focus, grooming and looking good is still of value to him. While becoming an alpha male is one the one hand about letting go of any external confidence attachments like your looks, its on the other hand also about optimizing yourself to a point where you look like you carry yourself with respect and you care about treating yourself the right way. Also, keep in mind that even if we like it or not, humans will judge at lear at first by someones outward appearance. In order to become an alpha male, detach from your looks but at the same time optimize them to a point where you are your best self. Follow these practical steps:

1. get a nice, clean haircut

2. shave your beard clean

3. wear fitting clothes

4. if you like you can optimize your looks with wearing chains, rings or bracelets

5. find your own style and wear what you personally think is cool

6. get sintered by others and see what kind of clothes convey to you different


Even though the alpha male displays different characteristics like strength, courage, discipline, power, he can also be tender and caring others. Do not make the mistake to think you have to be mister ice cold pimp in order to come off alpha, In fact, the exact same is the opposite. A true alpha male and leader will care about his loved ones, protect them, support them, be humble and talk to them in a loving way. As you become an alpha male, you will realize that in fact there is something about a mixture of having both aspects combined in your personality. A form of aggressive tenderness will make you go for your dreams, fight for your rights and exceeds your limitations while at the same time caring for people, helping them and giving them unconditional love since there is an endless amount of love within them to give to others. If you want to become an alpha male and grow in your tenderness, follow these practical steps:

1.tell your loved ones that you love them regularly

2. learn to control your emotions and don’t reactively react when someone is unfair or selfish and instead look for a proactive conversation with them while making sure they know you care about them

3. support others in their dreams and never put others down

4. look towards others through eyes of unconditional love and try to judge less

5. be nice and polite with all people no matter if its someone who is homeless or someone who owns a mansion

6. pray and develop your spiritual side by finding out about different religions and their teachings


The final and ultimately most important characteristic of a true alpha male goes much beyond himself, his looks, his character or his strength. The deep core of a true leader, an alpha male, the one man among the men is identified outside of himself. The ultimate knowledge about his purpose and his drive to full his higher mission on this planet, whatever this might be, will be the most uplifting and grounding foundation he has. If you want to become an alpha male, find your purpose. Find out what you stand for, what you are made for, why god put you on this planet. having this purpose will in the end give you the drive to be on your own path as an alpha male and you will always go back to see your life in the bigger picture without getting thrown around by life and circumstances as much as someone who lacks purpose and just lives for the day without reason. In order to become an alpha male ask yourself daily, what can I do today, to fulfill my purpose as a man?