How to become careless


Today’s topic is how to become careless. It is incredible how much we care about how others would perceive us. For everything, we do we first double check if it would really be ok.

In correlation to how much we care about other people’s opinions is our personal freedom. There are many things we would want to do, like being loud where we want to be loud. On the contrary, there are times where we also don’t want to be polite but have to. So there are things we want to do and things we actually don’t want to do which both are regulated by the social acceptance.

Lately, I’m sick of hiding my „real“ life and care less and less about what people think about me. Although I went deeper into this selfish road, I somehow get even more acceptance than before. So it seems that becoming careless is a win-win! Here is how you can be free.


We all know this one. Sometimes it works and sometimes there is just no need to do it. Some people say just think about nothing and others say let the thoughts just come by themselves and accept them. I actually myself am confused about how to meditate and what the real values are.

But one thing I know for sure! And that is the benefit of breathing deeply. This is no point which I can explain to you just by words. If you want to become careless jump on a couch and breathe slowly into your belly and out. I don’t know what kind of magic this is but it is so powerful that it will not only shut off your worries but also activate your sex drive.

Realize that you are breathing shallowly the whole day – especially while working on the computer. Sometimes it can be of value to be in our heads and just think really hard. But we all know, that we already experience that state plentifully. What we need to be like more often is the numb state where we don’t overthink everything we want to do.

Numb your brain

Our thoughts get us in the way just too often. When you think of all the times where you intended to do something but your head just came up with worries and reasons about why to leave it like it is. And afterward, we regret it because we see there was even nothing worth the mention to worry about. It’s crazy how often our thoughts disturb us, isn’t it?

Therefore, in order to become careless numbing your brain will help you. Every time you realize that there are too many thoughts coming up, exercise. You can go for the breathing, or just break your thinking habit by talking and doing nonsense spontaneously. Believe me, the spontaneity will numb your brain and free your mind from worries.

Become thick-skinned

In the end, there is just one way to become careless. And that is by doing what is not being accepted over and over again. After each phase, you will reach a plateau. Once you see the values of being free from external opinions you will not want to go back.

You have to find out for yourself, who the people are you care about. I mean not only emotionally but rather, who are the people you would accept advice from? Selecting a few ones in your near circle is much better than allowing every foreigner to intervene in your personal strategy. Build up opinions together with a great team and let the group mechanism to its job. Because every time where we find in a group, we are much more encouraged to do what scared us before.

The very thick skin you want to have is only built by repetition of the harsh. In the long-term, you want to be the guy who concentrates on his mission. A man who is willing to be perceived in a bad way by someones in order to be perceived correctly by his audience. Not ignorant but determined. Finally, you will live a better life by being free from other people’s opinions. Good luck on becoming careless, my friend!