How To Let Go Of Anger


When we go through the mall, when we ride the bus or when we are sitting in our car driving the highway, we can see it and feel it. Hatred is spread across the world to point where it is not simply two people facing each other with hate, but instead it is whole nations that will fight each other for the sake of no good. We walk down the street, someone bumps into us and we instantly get insulted or asked if we are blind. Gossip and jealousy run social situations and conversations become more and more flat. While the meaning of virtues and love gets lost somehow in this society, things like public fights and demonstrations against integration occur more and more often.

Since we all are run by negative emotions from time to time and then are much likely to loose our control and spread hate, in this article we decided to teach how to let go of those negative emotions and spread love again.

If you feel that something with your emotions might be different than back when you where a child then this article might help you to understand more about yourself and how you can finally have those loving, caring and self expressing judgment free attitude again we crave so much.

1. Express Yourself Fully

Day in and day out we try to live up to a picture society expects us to live up to because we are so called grow ups that have to be all the same. Even though we all are different, the system tries to make all of us the same just when we are children that are about to go to school. Everybody has to be quiet, everybody has to ask before he talks, we are not allowed to be loud, we are not allowed to have fun and many more restrictions are set upon us by school.

If you want to let go of your inner hatred towards others, learn to let go of your filters at first and own all of your personal flaws.

2. Choose to love

Instead of thinking that things are jut the way they are, we are often times in way more control of things as we think. When we look upon others and judge them with hate or any other negative emotions, al that is a decision we make. Instead of choosing to hate others, choose consciously to love them for who they are and force yourself to see their beauty in their imperfection. Just as they are imperfect, also you are. Remind yourself to love people whenever you start to feel that negative energy runs through your body.

3. Gratitude

Whenever you are pissed about something, you can either choose to go down that downward spiral of negative emotions and self attack, or you can decide to become grateful for what you have. While being grateful for what you have, not any other negative emotion can’t be felt at the same time. So whenever you see that you go into unnecessary self attack, remind yourself of a few things you are grateful for and the emotions will start to get less intense.

4. Make friendliness cool again

Being friendly and polite towards other seems as if it really became uncool in those modern days we live in. While people start to get more into their cell phones than into their fellows, they also start to care less about being polite and value giving. Instead of always looking out for yourself, give that old lady your seat in the bus, help her to cross the street or simply take that little child serious when he needs you attention and want you to look at the sandcastle he built.

There are many different ways to become a more value giving and helpful person and as we strive to give more value to others, we will see that also we ourselves will become more happy as a result. Looking out for others breaks up the pattern of always thinking about ourselves.So whenever we are the ones that would need help, it is a good idea to instead help others ourselves and break the pattern of being the center of our own universe.