How To Make Your Girlfriend Behave Less Bitchy


Each and every single man on this planet who already had several girlfriends in his life will have experienced bitchiness throughout his life. Even though women seem to be the sweetest princesses in the beginning of a relationship, most men will find that after time, just gradually, women will tend to become more bitchy and annoyed about little things. It lies in nature of humans to takes circumstances, achievements and also people for granted after they’ve been around for some time. People will get used to anything and slowly be discontent about things after some time passed. The fact that humans always strive for more without ever finding true, long lasting happiness and peace is a whole topic for itself, but it still also plays a big role in relationship issues and human relations in general.

If you yourself have experienced that your women get more and more discontent it can be either because you actually became less of good boyfriend or it is simply because of her own discontent with life. What we found to be the truth is that in most cases it’s actually a mixture of both at the same time. So in order for you to deal with this problem long term, have better relationships and make your girlfriend love you even more, we put together 4 tips on how to teach your girlfriend not to be bitchy anymore.

  1. Set a clear line

Whenever our girls start to get a little bit more bitchy after being with her for a few months we simply forget it as soon as it came since it is of that little importance. The problem with her critics and discontent is that it gradually growing from being extremely subtle at the beginning towards a point where you might ask yourself why she should even love you if everything about you is so wrong.

In order to deal with this problem we first have to understand that when a women is starting to become a little bit more bitchy it is a completely natural behavior that she is wired to do by genetics. Now this does not happen because she wants to be harmful but simply because nature wired her to see if you are able to handle her emotions and convey characteristics of an attractive man whom she can rely on. Note that women don’t do this consciously most of the times and they aren’t even aware themselves of the fact that they have this subconscious programming.

The answer to the big question now on how to handle the tests she is giving you when she acts bitchy towards you is simple. Do not loose control, while at the same time set a clear line on what is acceptable and what is not. If your women crosses a line by insulting you on the phone for instance simply tell her in a calm but decisive manner that this behaviors is not acceptable for you and that you are willing to talk to her if she is talking to you in a respectful way. If she does not or doesn’t want to, tell her you see that its not possible to talk right now but that you love her anyways and that she can talk to you when she is ready to be respectful.

Never make the mistake to say sorry too much and to simply accept everything your girlfriend does. At the same time, learn to control your own emotions and never start to become insulting or disrespectful yourself. You as the man have to be the rock that is unshakeable, that won’t loose control whatever she might throw at you.

The big word in this case is  balance. While being dominant in telling her what is acceptable and what not, you still want to say it in a tender way where she feels you are in control of yourself no matter what will happen.

2. Work on yourself

While most men will start to shitttalk about their bitchy women almost no men will make an effort to find the cause of her discontent and see if maybe it is a hint for him to change something about himself.

Never make the mistake to not at least once put your ego by side and asking yourself if what she is saying might be something you really should work on. If we as men for instance make a promise about something small and then are not able to keep it, we often don’t understand why women treat it like that big of a deal. We can simply not understand why she would make that big of a scene because of that kind of a small thing, but even here we miss the point. In many cases even though women won’t say it directly, its not about the simple thing itself, but instead it is about the fact that she might not be able to trust you as a man.

Even by nature women are wired to look for a guy that will be able to protect them, provide for them, have status and and the same time can take care of them in bed. Most women won’t guy for a guy long term id they can’t trust that he will be able to take care of her und support her in future problems. If he can’t even handle his own shit, how should he be able to handle her shit.

Whenever your women gets bitchy, don’t ask yourself why she gets bitchy about this certain thing, but instead ask yourself what kind of  a man this behavior represents.

3. Listen

Sometimes, when a women had a stressful situation at work for instance or she simply is in a bad mood for no special reason, women will be bitchy to us men even though we are not in direct fault at all. If this is the case, make sure to make your women talk about her feelings and problems, so that she can let loose and let all of those emotions out.

Whenever you feel there is something that happened to your girl, give her much love physically and emotionally while at the same time encouraging her to tell you what is going on in her mind. If she doesn’t want to tell you right away, you can show a little persistence and tell her that you honestly want to know whats wrong since you love her and her bad mood makes you sad.

If your women insists on not wanting to talk, give her some space and simply give her love by hugging, kissing, cuddling or dancing with her.

If your women is up to telling you the reason for her bad mood, try to fully get into her skin as a women and try to follow her empathically. Asking her how she feels about certain things and letting her open up by not judging her for her problems and not trying to give an instant solution for her problems will make her feel more relaxed and less tense. Do not try to force any solution upon her and simply listen while at the same time trying to feel her emotions.

Sometimes women will get angry as they let out their emotions, if that happens then join her little ride of hate and also get a little angry about that person or situation. This will fuel her emotions and help her to go through her problems.

If she starts to cry then give her space to fuel also that emotion while holding her in your arms and being there for her. Hug her, kiss her and talk in a way where she is able to also let those emotions out without having to be ashamed that she is crying.

If your women opes up like this, give her that time to feel her emotions until at some point it reaches a point where it was enough so that you are able to give her good emotions again by making her laugh or feeling loved. Cuddling, kissing, dancing, tickeling, dancing and sex are good ways to change her emotions and give your women a great time again with a man that can handle her emotions and treats her the way she needs to be treated.

4. Train her to be sweet

With the intention of making sure your girl will learn how much better a relationship is if both partners are sweet with each other, you will also have to train your girl to be this cute little princess again. In order to make her understand this on a deep fundamental level, whenever she is cute with you, give her instant positive feedback.

If your girl for instance kisses you and cuddles with you tell her instantly how hot it is when she is this sweet with. Then you can for instance take her hand and put it onto your boner while telling her that this is because she acts as this kind of a sweet princes.

If your girl was for instance bitchy the whole day and you don’t feel at all like wanting sex right now you might also tell her in a very caring and sweet manner that you just can’t right now because you experienced to many negative comments this day.

Women will then understand quickly what  their behavior is actually doing to us men and they won’t want to be unsexy. Generally spoken, you want to give her way more positive feedback for when she is acting the right way then negative feedback when she is a bit bitchy. Still, she should feel that right now you are turned off or simply yourself not in a mood to be caring anymore since she is not treating you the right way.