Tipps For Hustling Hardcore


Every Member of the Dedicated Generation has some particular honorable goal in life. It doesn’t matter if your life purpose is growth, building charity or becoming a famous basketball player. We as the Dedicated Generation are hustlers that want to work on themselves and improve their lives for the better. We are making an effort to make this planet a better place even if it is only manifested in improving yourself as you are one part of the whole. Still, we all know that with talking about improving ourselves, nothing is done at all. All of us love to talk about success, big visions and changing the world while only a few of us actually hustle towards those goals.

As members of the Dedicated Generation, we have to understand what hustle means and we have to go for hustling in all life areas to our maximum potential if we really want to get ahead. This article is supposed to show you how you can use your time more efficiently for getting more done, absorbing more knowledge while at the same time finding time to relax and enjoy your journey.

Therefore, right know we re going to show you the most efficient ways to save time and get more done:

  1. Waiting time is working time

Whenever you are waiting for the bus, sitting in the train, sitting in the car or doing anything else that can be filled with work, use that time. It is astonishing how many people sit in the train on their way to work every day without using their time efficiently. They might play some games on their phone or have a chat with their friends but almost none of them sits there and produces value for society or himself.

The most important things to always carry with you are a journal for notes. our lap top for work and your daily planner for notes. Whenever you are then sitting in the train, you can use that spare time to do some extra work and move into the future of your dreams.

2. Audiobooks

The obviously fastest ways to read a book and absorb all the important information of someone lifetime experience are either becoming a speed-reader or listening to audiobooks. Instead of buying the book, get audible on your phone and start to absorb information whenever you are walking around. While walking you obviously wont be able to read but you will for sure be able to kick in some cool high level knowledge in ear.

3. Meal Prep

Getting used to preparing your meals in advance for a few days will save you more hours than you could ever imagine. Instead of spending every day several hours in the kitchen you will only once spend 1-2 hours in the kitchen and thats it for the next 3-4 days. After that, you will only need to heaven you food up and you are ready.

Buying lots of food boxes while also buying healthy food on bulk won’t just save money but also make you look more fit and sexy. Those hours in the kitchen won’t be necessary anymore and you can use your free time for some side hustle.

Becoming a hustler is all about knowing your priorities and using spare time that you would normally waste for nothing for improving yourself, your business or project. Make sure to not just use time for you side hustle that would normally be saved for family and instead try to use all efforts to make some free minutes in between. Also never forget to also relax and take some time off. None of us is able to work on hardcore mode 24/7 nor should any of us be able to. If we go down this route of personal success and growth, we still want to do it to a sustainable degree and not burn ourselves out to the bone. Putting in effort will require discipline and it will require some suffering. We won’t always be in the mood to do this work right now nor will we always have to motivation to follow through on your commitments. Still, let us work towards this ideal and use all the given opportunities we have for becoming as dedicated as possible.