Instant Gratification Or Long Term Pride?


I found that in life there are two entirely different voices within our head that are in a constant battle against each other. As we go through life, we will struggle with not knowing which voice to listen to. What makes this so important is that ultimately the many decisions about what voice to listen to might cause either long lasting happiness or frustration, self hate and long term negativity within our lifes.

There are two different inner voices I am talking about here. One is the voice of wanting your primal needs to be met. We want to eat, pee, have sex and ultimately we want safety within our lives. As long as our primal needs are not met, there is no need for higher needs like validation from others or creating something artful. If we are hungry, then we are fucking hungry and if we are horny, then we are fucking horny. We might not think of business while fucking and we might not think of art while eating that amazing teak for the most part. Even though it is very important to meet those needs for survival and reproduction for our living, it is also a voice within our head that wants to take advantage of us while we are not even that hungry or while are not really in a fearful situation. The characteristics of this primal voice are that it want things right now, it craves instant gratification and it does not look for the bigger picture with things. There is not much thinking involved in sex, running away from danger or killing an animal. Our primal voice will take care of us so that we do not survive but it also tries to take care of our higher needs. Since in the first world for almost all of us those primal needs are met, there is no real reason for the primal voice anymore to run our whole thinking. If we need to reproduce,we can either watch porn and jerk off or we can decide to pay a hooker for having sex with us. We don’t need to go hunting for food or fight other humans in order to steal their food. We simply need to go to the grocery store and buy it. There is no real danger to get kicked out of tribes so even our social fear and fear of rejection is to big degrees of no big value anymore. Since almost all of our primal needs are met, most of us will find that they strait to think about higher goals like long term happiness, giving their lives some form of meaning or simply growing as a person and becoming better at whatever they do in life. People start to care about improving themselves, their circumstances and also humanity even though this has nothing to do with their ultimate survival.

This is the so called second voice. The voice that wants to go for higher purpose, the voice that wants us to think long term, the voice that wants us to realize our ultimate long term desires and dreams.

This voice is trying to make us think long term, think rational and it want us to grow as a person. Whenever we face a daily situation in life this voice will fight the primal voice and wants to all us what the right way is. All of us have once decided to eat more healthy or do more interesting things. We wanted to grow in some life are and set out goals for ourselves. Whenever we for instance started with the idea to eat more healthy, we found ourselves looking at a piece of chocolate or pizza with both of voices fighting agains each other. While the primal voice wants us to eat the chocolate for energy and instant gratification, our higher purpose voice wants us to resist the temptation and think of the long term consequences. Even though this one piece of chocolate might not hurt us that much, is still is a think that makes us loose focus and weakens our discipline muscle if we give in.

Long term, each of us has to decide what he wants to do with his life and which voice he wants to listen to more often. The primal voice for safety and instant gratification will be our biggest enemy and we will always have to fight against him. The big question is, do you let this voice run all over you, ao do you tame it, train it and ultimately become the master of this voice?