Discipline vs. Comfort – The Two Inner Voices

the two inner voices

Most people won‘t ever truly know what it is like to be on a path towards their dreams. The idea of chasing what you think you deserve is very uncommmon in our modern society. The majority of people does not even believe that their is a chance to move up. They will simply stay with their manual daily tasks and never even consider to change something about their current situation. But then there are the few special ones who came to the point, where they won‘t accept their meaningless existence anymore. Don‘t get me wrong, it is ok to live your life day by day without trying to achieve something as long as you are totally happy with that kind of behaviour. Not everybody is the same. Some people want to spend their life always having fun, not worrying too much and not having too much responsibility. Others , in contrary, are drawn to something bigger. It doesn‘t make any sense to go for big things if you would be happy with an average life.

But if you are the kind of person who knows deep within that he would love to make more out of his life, then chilling and partying without any reason for it simply won‘t make you happy. If you really know that you love something and if you know that you could never be truly satisfied without realisng your dream, why woud you then even consider giving up on your vision ?

Let‘s say you finally came to the point where you are not ok with your life situation anymore. Thinking that from now on everything will handle itself and the path towards your goals is perfectly laid out is simply naive. You will hustle. You will cry. And you will be knocked down. Your shorttime goal should rather be getting up every single time after you failed than instantly attaining your dream.

You are going to know that you are on a path towards success when you are hearing two entirely different inner voices fighting each other.
Every single morning when we wake up, there is this voice in our heads telling us to go back to sleep for another three ours. The voice tells us that we don’t necessarily have to prepare our meals, read our books and work on our projects that early in the morning. The voice acts like a poison inside our head, trying to convince us of simply doing what the majority people would do.
And then there is this other voice. This voice tells us to get up and hustle. It convinces us that everything we do is for a reason and that we have to go through all of this emotionally and physically traumatizing stuff in order to reach the goals I we for ourselves.

One of those voices will ultimately lead you to living your dreams  whereas the other one will destroy any chance for reaching you goals.

Decide for yourself which voice to listen to.