Live your dream by living in a dream


Our dreams are powerful. We create our overnight stories by mixing all the impressions of our life together in a way nobody can understand. Now imagine you could See Your whole life as a Dreamworld where you could control everything you want. How powerful that would be.

So thinking of right now, how do you perceive your own dreams? Do you actually believe they will come true for you or are you just day dreaming for yourself? I hope the first one is true and that you work hard towards your goals.

Having that said, living your dreams will become easy for you if you implement the idea into Your life that you live in a Dreamworld. Here is what I mean by that.

Live your dream

First of all, it’s not that important what Your Dream is. Much more important is the degree you are driven to it. They are powerful. We See future scenes of ourselves where people look up to us or we achieve something great. So dreaming for yourself is a powerful way to prepare your future.

Dreams structure Your Mind on what you want and how much you want it. And after all, we are simple humans going for this guidance. Our lives are complex but we humans are simple.

It will never be to Late to go for your real dreams. Side-hustling is the way to go in order to Make it happen although having the day to day work life. Our passion always has a direction towards which it leads us. And this pulling force is so powerful, with the right technique you can let it just drag You towards your dream life.

Living in a dream

Your explanation matters

How you do explain your life? For everything, we see our brain gives an instant interpretation. So at first, we have no choice but to believe what we see. But if you think twice about that fact there is always a little scope for us to change things up. You may know that famous example with the glass of water. Either you could say it’s half full or half empty. Both are true. However, when we talk we usually just decide for one view and use it finally.

Interesting to note is, that we all can determine to some degree how we are perceiving things. In some cases where other people rely on you, you just have to stay positive on demand. There are other circumstances where you have the choice to be serious or careless. You can decide how you interpret events.

I personally like the principle of cause and effect. The idea that everything we do has a determined consequence following afterward. By this idea, we try to understand the world and come closer rather than detaching from our world. If you want to live your dream you can just explain the effects to your benefit. Look for signs and find out by your own interpretation, whether you are on the right or wrong way with your causes. It’s a great thing trying to explain as much as possible in our personal world. It puts everything we do in a relation to each other. And that is what makes our life more purpose-oriented so we feel fulfilled in the end.

You have many social lives

There are many things we always wanted to do but procrastinate. There are in fact also dangerous activities we just aren’t sure about. But only taking a look at out social life, there are so many potential acquaintances we could have gained just by approaching in situations where you normally just look at your phone. The thing is, I totally agree with activities which you are uncomfortable with and which can hurt you long-term. But for any social anxiety, there is no excuse for not attacking it.

Because after all, nothing can actually happen. What would be the worst scenario of going up to unfamiliar people and having a talk? Think about it. It can’t be that bad. So, you see, we have many tries to go up to people. Let’s see it as we would have many lives and could „die“ by being rejected more than only once. And it actually is like that. After a big rejection, we feel like dying from the inside. But the next morning everything seems fine.

So don’t worry about anything and go for your dreams. If you want to live your dream try this idea of living a dream world. In your own. You will realize the benefits.