Make great friends – Everlasting friendships


Great friends are what we all need. Just think of your most special moments you had in life. Do you see yourself alone or accompanied with great friends? It’s no coincidence that we experience the peaks of our life with familiar people around us. So how do you make great friends?

There is this one type of friendship where you are interested in what your friend is sharing, where you also tell stories and even talk about life in general. We would call that a good friendship. But there is also that other type of friendship where you get excited just by seeing that person because you know what you will do together will be exceptional. Where you live the full program of being grateful, sad, happy, angry, crushed and enthusiastic together. That’s what we would call a great friend! There’s just that little „extra“ feeling. Here we will break down what makes great friends great and how to win them out of good friends.

Give everyone a chance

This brand, the Dedicated Generation, exists only because connected with each other. I remember Jake asking me out back then for a personal development meeting. I could have either thought „why should I meet up with someone two years younger than me, for my projects I need people more experienced than myself“ or „Let’s give this companionship a chance!“.

Luckily I chose the second one. But if he wouldn’t have the courage back then to ask out for an appointment, there wouldn’t be the great friendship we have since then.

Share your purpose

In order to give a friendship more meaning you have to also put in more energy. And with energy, I don’t mean necessarily asking out regularly how the friend feels. That is a good thing anyways. But here’s the point: It’s good, but not great! If you want to establish a great friendship, you have to give it a purpose. A shared purpose.

Almost every great friendship has a great mission. What you will do by that is linking your personal goals to a mightier group. Having similar visions for life is crucial. I actually believe we all are driven by similar impulses and chase the same feelings. Yet everybody has a different approach (vision) towards their „great life“. Try to talk as much as you can about what fascinates you and who you want to be like. By that, you will find out very fast if you are similar or not. Being geared to each other can make you great friends.

Experience awesome events together

The more you experience together the more you will see it as a great friendship naturally. Just keep in mind that spending more time together doesn’t necessarily mean that you will also experience more. You have to lead your friendship towards greatness. Organizing great activities and having the courage to do the unexpected is what will make you experience awesome moments together.

Having a similar purpose does not only have to do with something related to business. I also mean having a similar vision for your body – to work out in a similar training style. Or going out at night time together to meet girls. There is always more than one purpose we are attracted to. Therefore it’s not that hard to find companions with at least one similar purpose and make great friends afterward.

Do the boring stuff

While experiencing special moments together is very important to make a great friend out of a good friend, it is equally important to do the „boring stuff“ together. I learned this phrase from a girl once and have never forgotten it since then.

We always aim for the special and outstanding. And obviously that’s the human nature and it’s alright just like it is. However, I can say to you right now there won’t be always something special waiting for you in your everyday life. You also have to endure the setbacks. Consequently, that’s the same for your friendship. If you have your purpose as a team and you fail at some point, let it sink in together. You will make great friends out of each other by learning out of life’s lessons together.

Make great friends by creating value

In the end, we can’t deny, what is pulling us towards people is the value they create. The more value you can create through a friendship the greater will be the bondage.

So of course, in order to make great friends, it’s not enough to tell some stories and joke a little bit around. Again, that’s what is a symptom for a normal friendship. What you need to do is to engage wisely. Here are some roles you can obtain to create an irresistible value for people.

Special Humor

You don’t need to have a special kind of humor by yourself. What I mean with a special humor is the spontaneous urge to do or say something „weird“ when we are excited within a group. We all have our filters about what words or jokes we spit out, related to how familiar we are to the ones around. When you think about your greatest friends, you can be just yourself around them, don’t you? Your filter of what is right or wrong to say has diminished.

As a result, you have to take the lead for yourself and say whatever comes into your mind while spending time with friends. You will realize fast if they jump at your „true“ humor or not. That will give you big hints about who is a great friend.

Problem Helper

We all know this one. Friends with a problem are friends in need. I actually like to let friends tell me their problems, I can learn a lot just by that. And having somebody listening to your honest opinion is also of great value to yourself. It will lift you up emotionally.

However, what you need to do here is just being there for great friends in need. Some people just want to share what has happened to them. So lend your ear to them and lift that friendship to a great one.

Be Encouraging

Furthermore, if you want to aim for the golden friendships, you have to take care of this one! Being encouraging and feeling encouraged yourself is the best way to make great friends. After all, we all have our little doubts about our strategies. If you can lift someone else up just by being encouraging, you’ve done it!

The power to make somebody believe in himself. That’s what separates good friends, great friends, and golden friendships. So just think of yourself as a bottle full of energy that needs to be spread. Good luck and make great friends, my friend!