Manly Habits Guide: 28 Habits That Will Make You A Better Man

manly habits will make you more masculine
Manly Habits Guide: 28 Habits That Will Make You More Manly

Back in the stone age, men were forced to fight against wild animals, overcome challenges, climb trees and deal with all sorts of problems in order to survive. The problem of our modern culture is that no one has to fight anymore for survival and that there are no real challenges for growth anymore. As a modern man, by having a secure 9-5 job, we can spend our lives laying on the couch, watching football games and drinking beer if we would like to. Even though this might sound easy and chill in the first place, because of this most men won’t ever grow up, get self-confident and be able to attract the kind of women and the success that they want. Since there are no real challenges anymore, many man became weak, soft and many of them even stay in their mothers basement as long as they can without being ever able to live on their own. Also women complain that there are no real, manly man anymore in the world. They are looking for independent, self-confident, no-bullshit, solid men who can lead them, support them and ultimately be responsible for a family together with them. In this article, we would like to show you 20 manly habits any men should implement into his personal life in order to become a better men, more self-confident, grow up and ultimately attract a women of high quality.

Physical Habits

1.Working Out

One of the most basic manly habit that we can use in order to grow in our masculinity is working out. Every men should respect his health and his body enough to work out a few times per week. Strength traning in the gym will improve your testosterone levels and get you in shape. Still, it doesn’t necessarily has to be weight training. It can also be swimming, use hockes, running or any other sport that you enjoy. As long as you move your body and you challenge yourself, you are fine.

2.Eat Healthy

Probably one of the hardest to implement but also most effective way to become more manly and healthy at the same time. Eating healthy means cutting our junk food, sweets and all other processed foods. Not that you only learn to discipline yourself and have control over your emotions, eating healthy will also increase the function of you prefrontal-cortex which ultimately leads towards better decisions.

masculine habit
Manly Habit#2 Eat Healthy

3.Sleep Well

The third major component and and important manly habit for all men who are trying to improve their masculinity dramatically is sleeping properly and enough. Taking care of getting 8 hours of proper sleep every night as well as sleeping in a pitch black room without having looked at any computer or mobile screen for 2 hours before bed will improve your sleep dramatically. In order to perform at our peak, building a strong manly physique and having high testosterone levels, we need to recover properly.

4.Rise Early

„Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy wealthy and wise“

Standing up every morning at the same time at best somewhere around 5 pm will help you to boost you productivity, health and masculinity dramatically. By having time on your own, you can start you day in a proactive, not in a reactive way. This is the perfect time to plan your day, write that journal, wok on that project or reflect on your latest experiences.

5.Take Charge Of Your Grooming

Taking charge of your grooming might sound superficial and as men we should definitely not make our self-confidence dependent on our clothes. Still, a man has to take care of how he presents himself to others. Even though he is not attached to his clothing, he knows that most judge a first impression of the outward appearance. He is not ashamed for caring about his grooming and hygiene.

Personal Growth Habits

6.Set Goals

Have clear goals of what you want to achieve today, this year and within your entire life will give you a clear direction of what to do on a daily basis, which actions to take and who to surround yourself with. Knowing what you want is one essential part of being a man. In order to learn what you want, get into the manly habit of setting clear, measurable goals on a regular basis.

7.Challenge Your Fears

All men will have particular fears. It might be living on your own, approaching a women, holding speeches in front of big crowds or it can be something completely different. No matter what our fears are, as men, we have to make it a habit to attack our fears by putting ourselves in exactly those situations. Leaving your comfort zone and doing the hard thing will boost your masculinity as if it would be on steroids. As long as you keep being afraid of something, keep attacking it, until you finally loose your fear and you grew one big inch more masculine.

8.Plan Your Day in Advance

Sitting down for a few minutes in the morning an planning your day in advance will improve your productivity and your masculine focused energy in ways you can’t even imagine. Knowing exactly what you want to achieve throughout your day and then checking off a written list is going to do you a big favour.

9.Track Your Progress

In order to see how far you’ve come throughout your past, track your little winnings and successes on a daily basis. Numbers don’t lie so make sure to write exactly down your progress. How many books did you read this year? How many girl did you date with the intention to find a girl fitting to you? How often did you went to the gym and how often did you took a run?

10.Challenge Your Discipline

Take on challenges for your discipline. One week of daily working out, one month of no sugar, waking up in the morning at 4 am and going for a run. Whatever it is make sure that is makes you feel uncomfortable and you will grow from it.

11.Install Habits

Finding out which daily small habits you’ll need in order to structure and maximize your daily achievements will do big support for your masculinity. Having small habits that support long term growth is going to make even your shittiest days a success since you did at least your daily routines. If you don’t know which small daily manly habits to implement take a look at your personal life goals and form habits out of them. Also take a look at this list of manly habits.

12.Educate Yourself

As man we know that even though we’re adults, the process of learning is never over. One of the most important manly habits is to never accept one’s knowledge as complete and always striver for more wisdom. The more we learn and implement in ours lives, the better men we become long term. Always make sure to read, take courses, reflect on experiences, acknowledge your mistakes and sharpen your skills in order to grow as a man.

Financial Habits

13.Plan Your Finances

Knowing your exact monthly costs and your income is the key foundation of being financially successful long term as a man. If you don’t have control over your finances yet and you struggle with handling your money, learn to say no to what you don’t necessarily need and write down all of your expenses, strings of income and savings. Also make sure to know in which direction you’d like to go and which financial goals you would like to achieve.

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Manly Habit #13 Plan You Finances

14.Save Money

As a man, learning to deal with money and building long term wealth is a key skill in order to be able to support your wife and take care of your family. If you don’t have any saving, start right now to get a second account for savings. In order to save, lower your costs to a point where your income is higher than your costs. Always put your savings aside at the beginning of the month, as soon as you have your salary. If you’re in dept, start paying your loanings back with 50% of your monthly savings and use the other 50% as savings for yourself. As soon as you’re out of dept, you’ll already have a significant amount of saved money on your bank account.

15.Learn To Invest

Hand in hand with saving goes investing. Besides investments like gold, stocks, funds and real estate you can invest money in your own education and in your own business. Since there is no perfect investment for everybody, make sure to find out what fits best to you and with which investments you feel comfortable.

Social Habits

16.Find Loyal Friends

Just as each of us is looking for his ultimate women to spend his life with, we should never underestimate the influence and value of true, good hearted and loyal manly friends. Whenever there is a problem, a man can ask his friends for advice. Whenever a man faces challenges, he can face them together with his friends. Whenever a man is fighting for a goal, his male friends can support him and help him to stay accountable on what he says he is going to do. Having true friends who are masculine themselves will rub off on you and you’ll find the value of learning something about true friendship.

17.Find Mentors

In order to fasten up the process of growth and learning all man face within their life, having mentors will help you to reflect on your experiences and gain a perspective on your life lessons. If you want to increase your growth as a man rapidly, find mentors and role models to learn from.

18.Approach Women Directly

When seeing a women you are attracted to, being able to walk up to her and approach her her directly is one of the biggest challenges for most men since they have to put their ego and their self image on the line. Every man has to learn to overcome the fear of rejection and take rejections as a man where you have enough self-confidence to not let failures get to your heart. If you have big problems with this, baby step it and start by asking strangers for directions while slowly stepping it up with whom you approach and what you say.

masculine habit
Manly Habit #21 Show women you are sexually interested in them

19.Look Out For Others

The habit of caring about others and helping them on their personal journey will not just make us feel better about ourselves, but also teach us that in life it’s not just about taking responsibility for our own life. Instead, we’ll find that helping others and becoming a respected leader will fuel our own masculinity in way we never experienced before.

20.Learn to say „No“

When dealing with people, there will be all sorts of expectations and favors that you are supposed to do for others. One significant manly habit is to say no from time to time and to know which things you will do for others and which things you won’t. If things don’t go with your personal values, don’t do them for others. If you don’t have time for partying because you have to study or if you are not in a position to buy something because your financial situation doesn’t allow, then learn to say no and stick with your decision.


One major aspect of a mens character and a very important manly habit to implement not just with women but with everybody in your life. Learn to listen. Knowing what it means to actually listen to someone without only thinking about your great answer and truly trying to understand the person you are talking to will increase your charisma and impression on other people drastically. When others are talking about their insight or successes, make sure to give them appreciation and motivate them to move on with whatever they are doing.

22.Be Yourself

As the ultimate man, we are not trying to fake our first impression or who we are in general. Learn to own yourself with all your strengths and weaknesses. Don’t apologize for who you are and don’t act like a people pleaser who is trying to always have the same opinion as anyone else. If you have a hobby, opinion and weakness, make sure to own it and don’t be ashamed of it.

Spiritual Habits


Meditation as a practice of silence will teach a man to pay attention on the present moment and enjoying it with all of its beauty. Also it will teach a man to not identify wth his emotions and thoughts so that he can detach himself from his internal dialogue and reflect on himself. Meditation can also be done in the form of a prayer, reflection or relaxation.

24.Read Affirmations

Having positive affirmations about your personal values, goals and your world view is going to increase your masculinity on a daily basis. For more information about using affirmations to enhance your lifestyle check out: Affirmations – The Power of Positive Statements

25.Have A Purpose

The highest thing a man has in his life is his purpose. For most men, their purpose of life goes beyond just having lots of women, a family or making a lot of money. Knowing your life purpose will give you the drive to follow your daily disciplines and the masculine character strength to overcome  difficulties and life challenges. In order to make your manly habits work better, develop a deep sense of purpose and destiny.

26.Reflect On Your Journey

As we already mentioned before, reflecting on your personal experiences as well as noticing those little happening around you in order to maximize your learning process is one key manly habit on your journey to become a more masculine, attractive and better man. Always make sure to think about what happened in any situation and take your lessons out of it.

27.Find Your Passion

Finding your own passion and working on it on a regular basis will give you more fulfillment and a higher sense of masculinity in general. Also, what you’ll find is that women find it very attractive if a man has a passion that the bleeds for.

28.Stay Humble

If you are reading this blogpost, there are high chances that you personally are a man who is trying to become better in any area of life. Working on yourself, questioning yourself and seeing your own weaknesses is great. Still, we should never make the mistake to expect the same attitude of others. It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking we are something special because we are working on ourselves. If we want to become great and attractive men, we have to learn to stay humble with ourselves and instead invite others to talk about their own successes and dreams. Also, we should never forget what we have and live with gratitude for all of the things we so often take for granted.