Motivation to Hustle – How to Keep Rushing the Road

motivation to hustle

So often we experience how the great visions run through our head. We get that hyped feeling, that endless desire to be the person we dream to be right now! But as fast as it appears it also vanishes. How are we supposed to hold that big fire alive all the time? Obviously, it’s not working like that for every second which we live. Even if our motivation to hustle would be everlasting, that would just burn us out. But still, we need to take care of being motivated regularly. You need to refresh your mind on why you do what you do every week again. Here is how to keep the motivation to hustle alive.

Respond to your worries quickly

Worries don’t just appear in our head through nothing. Normally, they are triggered by another person’s reaction or an incident. Think of yourself. Imagine, you would be the only person on this planet for one month, and after that period all people appear again. You wouldn’t be worried too much about how you go for your goal, would you? There would be no need for worry since nobody could see what you are doing wrong. When the people appear again, they would only see your current status and how much you have grown. So actually we see that worries are an outcome of the dynamics between us people.

To make a point, when you start to get worried about something, respond quickly! We can’t always wait for the chance to speak to someone we admire and who would give us valuable advice. If you have a fallback mentor, you’re very lucky in that moment. But if not, what happens to be the case often times, you have to be your own guide. The same way we have to analyze our own decisions we also have to execute them ourselves.

In most of the cases, there is not enough time to find the best solution on google or by waiting for random help. So you’re standing there, alone! Be a real man and decide quickly. The wisdom will come by itself through a lot of experiences. Whenever the motivation to hustle is getting vulnerable to useless worries, don’t let any of them affect your motivation by standing guard quickly yourself.

We do it for the family

Even if you don’t have a supporting family, we contribute our hard efforts for our (future) children’s wellbeing. The wellbeing of your family is a great motive – the biggest one I know. Nobody would go through enormous pain just in order to please a tiny motive. But what would you do to make your own DNA prosperous? That’s true, A LOT! Sometimes we just have to accomplish something. Even if there is no motivation, you end up doing your job just in time. The plain reason may be responsibility.

Depending on our life’s phase we have a variety of responsibilities. But looking at the responsibilities we have for ourselves – like staying groomed or washing our laundry – these self-regarding responsibilities will always come after those which are regarding another person. You won’t ever work as hard for you as you would for someone else. Obviously, I’m talking here of the most important people in your life. When someone else’s well-being really is dependent on your performance, I bet that’s another level of pressure.

So keep in mind that the family aspect will always be one of the greatest motives for enduring the pain of success. If you find yourself in a situation where your motivation to hustle is diminishing, remind yourself not only for what you hustle but also for whom.

Know your mission

Rushing the road of success may be hard when we don’t even know where we should head to. Even though there are so many options we lack the experience to know which one actually fits the best. Being sure about what our mission specifically is won’t be an easy state to achieve. We always praise that our mission comes first. But what if we aren’t even that sure if what we do is what we want? Having clear goals in your mind helps a lot regarding your motivation to hustle.

When a man knows exactly what it is he wants to achieve, he can focus on the essential. With a clear vision, the road ahead will also show up in time. So how do we make the goals crystal-clear to us? It needs a lot of try and error approaches! No great man knew instantly which goals really trigger his unshakeable inner drive. We need time trying out on our projects to realize what we are really into. And in addition, what makes it even more complex is the fact, that our interests also just change by time.

However, in the end, we can still do our best to shape our visions. Get a lot of valuable input. Social media can be your most inspirational asset or simultaneously be poison for your big dreams. If you catch yourself too often getting distracted by entertaining videos on social media, chances are high that your visions for life are small. We only have 24 hours. Counting the time in which our eyes are opened we have a determined capacity for being inspired.

Furthermore, we can’t be 100% attentive the whole day. So by acknowledging the fact that we only have a defined capacity to get inspired I wouldn’t waste too much time on being entertained – if I would be you. Although I actually see a lot of value in watching entertaining sketches of typical social situations (because we can extract many lessons from these for our personal interactions), we still have to keep the focus on the real deal. Surround your social media account with really inspiring people. If you can get the knowledge you need from them in an inspirational way, jackpot!

The great motivation to hustle – Increase your „Why?“

All in all, our motivation is directly linked to our motives. If your „Whys“ aren’t big enough, what is even the point in achieving your goal? Why should you deserve accomplishing them when your list of reasons is not big enough? Put yourself into a cinematic role and improve on your real reasons for winning in life. So after all, in order to spark for your motivation to hustle take, care of your worries rapidly, find out what your life mission is and why you absolutely have to achieve it.