Naysayers-How to Deal with Negative People

How to deal with negative people
Naysayers are hard to deal with

While walking the journey towards your dreams, there will be tons of naysayers who are trying to drag you down and talk you out of your goals. Have you ever heard the sentences „Don‘t be crazy, this is totally ridiulous“, „You won‘t make it“ or „It is impossible“. Naysayers will tell you that you can‘t do something because they can‘t do it themselves. I‘ve experienced this myself and I know how hard it is to react the right way during some situations. Therefore, I‘d like to give you some advice on how we can deal with those naysayers and negative people and on how to prevent conflicts with them.

Naysayers Tipp #1 Don‘t talk about your goals

The first and easiest step you can make to not be faced with naysayers anymore is to simply shut up. It is a common mistake most guys do when they start a path towards success in a particular area. They are bragging to strangers and friends about what they would like to accomplish and what they are working on.

The next step is that they will be criticized for their big goals so that the beginner becomes bitter and starts to defend himself. Instead of telling everyone about your activities and plans you should consider not talking instantly about what you‘ve planned for yourself. Keep it for yourself and you will actually feel as if you would have two entirely different identities.The one identity that works hard in silence and the other one that is humble and generous in front of naysayers and doubters.

Doubters will be everywhere to demotivate you.
Dealing with naysayers is always hard.

Naysayers Tipp #2 Change the subject

When it‘s too late and you‘ve already told some friend or other naysayers about your goals they will often times try to provoke you by asking you questions about your current progress. You should always try to escape those situation by giving a short answer and changing the subject immediately.  For instance if some guy is aking you how your business works your answer could be „Everything as always, nothing special, what is going on with your essay for school ?“. Don‘t tell people too much about your current situation if they don‘t support you 100% with what you are doing. This also relates to your family, friends and closest ones. We should never forget that most of the time, naysayers won’t be in the same mindset as we are. They made different experiences, grew up with different values, and in most cases, they are simply trying to prevent us from getting in danger.

Naysayers Tipp #3 Cut them out

There are always going to be some people who will try to put you down no matter what you do. You might have tried to change the subject but this kind of naysayer seems to love criticizing your desired lifestyle or goals. If nothing else helps, you should consider cutting the person out completely. This may seem drastical in the first place but think of it on a more long term level. Arguing with negative and unconstructive people is one of the biggest life energy suckers people have. Do you want to live your one and short life struggling with naysayers who are doing you no good ? If no, try to keep them out of your life and don’t spend too much time with them. If it’s your family and you can’t break up contact with them because they mean much to you, consider not talking at all about your personal thoughts and instead motivate them to talk more about themselves.

Dealing with naysayer will never be easy and each of us who is dreaming big, will eventually come in contact with them. In the end, only one thing actually is really important. No matter what all the naysayers might think, believe in yourself and don’t stop dreaming.