The 6 Golden Rules For Successful People

very important success rules
The 6 golden rules for success

When it comes to success in life, there are tons of different books, articles, courses and plans you can follow which will all promise you to give you everything you need to know in order to succeed in life. Some might focus on the inner aspect of success, meaning your mind state and the believes you have about yourself and the world. Others might teach you actual methods to work more efficient and manage your time. Still, we are thrown around between different concepts and ideas without understanding what really matters and what doesn’t. In order for you to have a better sense of what it actually takes in general to have better relationships, make more money, help more people, become more healthy and everything else you wish for, we wrote down the 6 general golden rules of success in any life area. In this case, we are not talking about specific tips you can use immediately but instead we are going to talk about the bigger picture just as general basic lines, that we all have to follow in order to succeed long term.

  1. Clear Goals

Let’s say you want to reach some particular destination and you get a card of the landscape in order to reach it, then you might say that it shouldn’t be that difficult to arrive there. But now let’s say you get only the landscape but you don’t get told where to go so that you can only wander around and without even knowing into which direction exactly to go. Of course you will never arrive at a destination, if you don’t even know where you would like to arrive and of course it is the same with setting goals. In order to attain something special, you first have to know exactly what it is that you want. Also, we should know why we would like to attain it and we have to make a clear plan on how to make this goal happen.

2. Hard Work

Definitely the most important thing when it comes to the physical part of becoming successful is hard work. Nobody has ever achieved something of real significance, that he hadn’t work hard for. Successful people are always thinking in terms of how to execute. Never make the mistake of becoming one of those dreamers who are always talking or visualizing about being successful one day, without taking any actual steps to come closer to your goal. You may not always be the most talented or the one with the most luck but for sure you can outwork your competitors if you are willing to put in the effort. Hard work is the solid foundation on that every success is built. Always ask yourself, what actual action can I take right now, later or tomorrow ect. to make this goal become reality.

3. Confidence

Successful people believe in themselves even if no one else does. You may not be there yet but you need to know that with discipline, hard work and persistence, you will finally reach your goals. If people are trying to talk you out of your goals, listen to them, don‘t argue with them and simply remind yourself that it is up to you to believe in yourself. No one else has to believe in you. Not even your girlfriend, boyfriend, parents or siblings. Have the confidence that you can reach your dreams and work on your confidence by getting out of your comfort zone and faking condifence until you actually become confident.

4. Discipline

„The one thing that stands between you and your goals is called discipline“

In correlation with hard work, discipline needs to be acquired on the way towards magnificent progress. We all now that moment when we are tired, hungry or simply not in the mood to do something that we know would be the right thing to do. Whenever you feel yourself procrastinating, tell yourself „ do it now, do it now, do it now, do it now“ until you finally can’t help it and you just do it. Always remind yourself that its those moments, when there is no motivation for eating the right food, going to the gym, talking to that girl or creating this work, that separate the ordinary people who won’t achieve their goals from the champion that will make his dreams come true. At any given moment, we need to choose between what we want right know, and what we want the most.

5.Inner Circle

„You are the average of the 5 people you surround yourself the most with“

Successful people choose very wisely with which people the are going to surround themselves wth and with which they won’t. As social creatures, we are starting to copy other people as soon as we get in contact with them. This doesn’t even happen over a period of a long time but it will happen instantly instead. We will start to copy the other persons body language, mimics and words short term and we are going to adapt their mindset, values, beliefs, actions and personalities long term. Have you ever wondered why best friends are often times so similar. It’s not because they have been similar right away. Instead, it is because they spend so much time together that their looks, posture, style ect. rubbed of onto each other. If you want to have long term motivation, make sure to surround yourself with uplifting, empowering, hard working and self-confident people. Soon you’ll notice that you yourself will change, but this time it’s on purpose and it’s for improvement.

6. Persistence

The last very important quality all the winners in life need to embody is the strength of persistence. If you want to get something and you commit to it, don’t stop until you reached you goal. This doesn’t mean that you have to keep fighting for something that you don’t even want anymore, but never stop only because things get hard. If you really want to go far in life, you’ll have to overcome those periods where there is a lack of results, where there is no progress or where there is nothing but negative feedback. Always remind yourself that creating something or getting extremely good at something will take years of daily hard work, constant improvement, constant getting back to humbleness and so much more. Being highly successful won’t ever come for free and most of the times it requires countless repetition of boring, step by step tasks with no immediate results.

If you keep working and keep working success is not going to come immediately but definitely.