The Best PPC Balance Techniques


No matter in which area we strive for growth within our lives, we will always have to produce value and outcome in order to grow. You might want to become more productive, make more money, build your own business or have new experiences. All of those goals require a constant input of your focus, attention and hard work. In order to be able to produce fruits in any life are, we have to be capable of producing those fruits. The capability to produce and the final product itself that we produced are two different streams that need to be looked at separately in order to be able to improve the final result. Jut as eastern philosophy describes the essence of life as a union between the dualistic poles sing and yang, also the abitly to improve and produce is working at best if there is a balance between working on the product the at the same time improving the capability to produce the product. Finally, if there is an imbalance between the both of two, we might either end up completely burned out or without having produced anything at all. With the intention to make it more easy to follow me right now, I’d like to shorten both aspects of progress as PC for Production Capability and P for Production, meaning the final Product itself.

Just as a tree needs sunlight, water, nutrients and carbodioxid in order to come to a point where it can produce fruits, also we as humans have to take care of our own capability to produce in order to be able to put out great work longterm. If an apple tree would spend his whole energy on producing more apples while stopping to use energy for filtering water out of the ground, soon the apple tree would die and not be able to produce any apples at all. Similarly, also humans need to take care of their own PC in order to able to put out great work and improve for instance their financial situation.

If you’ve ever overworked yourself or your just spend time on improving only one of your life areas while ignoring the other ones, you might have found that the imbalance while ultimately bite you in your own ass. Destroyed relationships, sickness or being broke are only a few examples for problems resulting out of ignoring the balance between PC and P.

The Big question here is what we can do in order to also take care of our production capability at the same time as we produce a better outcome. Generally spoken, great PC activities are the ones that recharge your brain, make you more healthy, help you to let loose and ultimately also improve your skills to produce.

Since each member of the Dedicated Generation is dedicated towards something he strives for, we decided to support you in your goals and give you the 5 best PC activities that will improve your mental state and balance out your work long term.

1. Meditation. The simplest way to give your mind some time off is to meditate and relax. In order to meditate, choose a spot where you wont be distracted by people trying to talk to you and simply start to focus on your breath. As you put your focus on your breath, it starts to become an anger for something that is happening in the present moment. With time, thoughts will come up or you will be distracted, if this happens, simply notice it and get back to focusing on your breath.

2. Reading/Listening to Audio Books.When we are trying to recharge our brain and contract a little bit more, laying down and reading a book out of which you can learn something will do a great deal. Whenever we read a book that is meant to teach us something, its often times written by one person, putting all his learning over a lifetime together into one book which we are able to read within 8 hours. Whenever you have some free time in public transport vehicles, use your time to read and improve your production capability.

3. Workout. Working out and doing some sort of sport will help you stay fit long term, give you more energy and ultimately provide you with more power to produce better results. Hand in hand with working out goes taking care of your nutrition and not putting in junk food into your body all day long.

4. Sleep. Maybe the most important PC activity we all need the most when we are burned out because is too much work is as simple as it is important: Sleep. Whenever you feel extremely tired or sore, instead of forcing yourself to do even more, simply get some sleep and you will do even better the next day. Now, tiredness should never be an excuse, but if you already produced a lot, sometimes the best thing you can do is to take a nap for maximal production capability.

5. Time with family. Sometimes, we loose ourselves so much into work that we start to become obsessed with it. If this happens, we might loose touch with what really matters and we start to care less about the people that play a big role within our lives. Long term, this will always hurt our own results since we will know deep down in our heart that we are neglecting something that is way more important than work: LOVE. So in order to increase your production capability, do yourself a favor and take out time for the most important thing in the world.