The dream job lie – How to be fulfilled in your work life


Do you believe there is a dream job for you? One profession you would want to do forever. Without worrying ever about it becoming too monotonous or boring. When the income is also alright, there seems to be no rub.

I was told many professions in my childhood. Due to the Persian mindset, the dream jobs suggested to me were always becoming a doctor or engineer. The Persian folk thinks that you will earn so much money, have a good reputation and attract also an academical life partner just by being a doctor or engineer.

With all of these ideas might even being true, I started very early to doubt them. As a teenager, I started to read about personal development. I read and read, and realized that actually, nobody mentioned something about the work. Most of them just brought up the idea that you will want to be an entrepreneur in the long term. The only thing that always mattered for a good life was the character. And with the information given that you are able to change your character, I felt released. I thought, it just can’t be that the quality of your life is simply defined by the job you have. But I found out there is much more about it.

We follow people not jobs

First of all, you have to know that we create our own dream job idea in a young age because of our idols. Not because of the job itself. Since we have no experience with jobs there is no way we can know if we would feel happy practicing it. So all we can do is to observe the people we know and be inspired by the ones having a big impact on us. There are always people we choose as our idols.

Especially in our young ages, we have a strong urge to follow somebody else. Do you remember which people had a great impact on you? Whether it’s clothing, style of music, sports or the words they use, we adopted it all to some degree and made our own version out of it. And they also did it like that. So it’s just natural that we are inspired by the jobs of our idols.

Passion vs Money

In the short run, we stand before a trade-off between passion and income-oriented work. Who of you ever wished for a work aligned to their passion, but had people warning you that you wouldn’t earn much in that area? There are many ideas about what you should do with your career. Everybody actually has an opinion on that.

Here is my view and experience so far: First think of ways to ensure an income you could live with. Regardless of the fact whether you stay at home with your parents or not, you have to be able to take care of yourself on your own. Being a provider at least to yourself is priority one!

So obviously it’s easier to earn money fast by a typical job for which you don’t need any important certificates. I know that this is not helping you towards being fulfilled at work. Unfortunately, the next step also won’t. When you have a solid income (solid related to your individual conditions) take care of a university career. DON’T go for apprenticeship or integrated degree programs! Believe me, go for the plain studying. It will let you have more time for your own passionate projects. And those are what we are after in the long term. If you struggle too much choosing a study subject, just choose something that could be useful to your own projects. Being a student will get you financial help (e.g. in Germany) and you’ll have enough free time to focus on what’s really the big deal.

Always keep time for your passionate projects. That’s the most important! Going for an apprenticeship or integrated degree program will just make it harder. Everything is possible, I just want to invite you to go directly for the best way. And that is the university degree you have to do the least for (and be present the little as possible).

Because the goal is to be income ready with your personal passion projects as early as possible. The best scenario would be to finish your degree and directly be able to jump into your passion, with which you already can make a living. Because let’s be honest. We as men want to be our own boss. We also want to follow, but then we want to freely choose our mentor and not be put in a hierarchy with fools above us.

So I invite you to go for the „producer“/Entrepreneur pathway. It’s hard to find fulfillment in an operational job. I don’t say it’s impossible. But often times the operational jobs are linked to repeating tasks. And it’s really hard to feel fulfilled when you do the same over and over again. The more you get into something strategic the easier it will be to bring variety in your work life. Being strategic is creative and that’s what offers some space for passion.

Try out as much as you can

As long as you can, change your work branch as often as you can. Changing continuously will not only keep the feeling of progression alive but will also expand your horizons. We don’t know what activity we like or don’t like unless we have practiced it at least once. I was told to do my internship of about two weeks in a bank. But originally what I wanted to do was two weeks of repairing cars. I remember my teacher making a silly joke about me when I said that I want to a mechatronics internship, while everyone else said something more „achiever suitable“.

Screw that teacher! I was so naive I really did the bank internship instead of the mechatronics. You better just do what you want to do. But what I want to tell you is that it doesn’t matter in the end. Helping out in the service center of a bank was the most boring job I ever did. But it helped me a lot, so see what I actually DON’T want to do! This is a huge benefit for me and has been. It saved me a lot of time I would have maybe now spent on working in a (service segment of a) bank. There are of course other segments that could be great – I don’t know.

If I would have done more internships which I did (but could have been a lot more actually), I could have known even better what is suitable for me and what’s not. The more tiny impressions you collect the better you are prepared for your life. In the end, there is no way you won’t have a clue what kind of job you like.

Build a great team

And here come’s one truth that crushed myself, I have to completely admit. I always thought there is a dream job. And while working on our own supplement startup with my friends I thought it was true. I felt so great that I thought THIS is my dream job. I want to have this purposeful feeling forever by being a supplement entrepreneur.

However, as we put our project on hold and split the group, I wanted to keep on working alone on it. I started to get to work, but somehow I wasn’t nearly as driven as before. There was the point I realized that the team we have plays a huge role in how we feel about our job. If you want to go for your „dream jobs“, you have to build up a great team which lifts every single member up just by the energy of the individuals.

I have to say I am really a fan of supplement ingredients and I like to think about how to serve a target group. So building up a supplement brand alone is also fun, but NEVER as fun, as it is with a motivated team. Don’t fall for the lie that there is actually a certain job or profession that can make you happy.

The feeling of being fulfilled is not limited to the abstract classification of our human jobs. See what kind of activity you are burning for by trying out as many jobs for a short time as you can. Additionally, build up a team of driven like-minded people to serve that higher purpose and you will feel the best ever. It is possible to make a living with our passion – for you and me only with hard work consistently every day.