Affirmations – The Power of Positive Statements

The Power of Affirmations
Power of Affirmations

Affirmations are a great way to improve your life drastically with only a few minutes a day. Most people don’t even realize that when we are going about our day we are in a constant conversation with ourselves. From the moment your day starts, you are feeding your mind with thoughts and internal affirmations. Negative self talk is one of the most common reasons for not fulfilling your full potential. Imagine all the times you said to yourself that you couldn’t do something. Imagine all the chances that went by. And now imagine what would have happened, if you would have given it a try and learned from it. Every experience is a learning experience. By talking ourselves out of all of our own ideas and setting limits for ourselves we simply rob ourselves from growth, success and learning. Bad affirmations are amongst others one big biggest reason for a lifetime of failure an misery.

What are affirmations ?

As we’ve already discussed, each and every single one of us in in constant dialogue with himself. The problem is that most of the time this happens unconscious and that we are not totally aware that it is happening. Therefore, consciously chosen affirmations are sentences that you are writing down for yourself, which are supposed to help you becoming more motivated, staying focused on your goals and which are working against you current biggest weaknesses. So if for instance you are often times drawn to bad food and you want to improve your nutrition, one of your affirmations might be „I am constantly eating whole foods because I know that this will improve my health and help me to get more alive, vital and energized in the long run“

Affirmations: When should you say them

Since affirmations are somehow a form of compass which helps you to move into the right direction throughout your day, I found it to be the most helpful if you are saying your affirmations out loud to yourself every single morning as a part of your daily morning routine. By doing so, your subconscious mind and even your conscious mind will be fed with positive, inspiring and uplifting energy. You are going to be way more alive, awake and self aware throughout your day of what you do and in which direction it is leading you.

How to create personalizes affirmations:

In order to create suitable affirmations for yourself to unleash your inner power, you first have to know exactly what it is that you would like to acquire. Having the end goal in mind is key for you to choose the right sentences. Affirmations about making money, becoming self confident or less judging will be different from each other. Anyways, even if the actual content of the sentence might be different, all of your affirmations should be built on the following rules.

1. Affirmations are positive

Every single of your statements should be uplifting and positive in order to make a change on your state. Instead of saying to yourself „People don’t disrespect me“, say „People love me because I possess great attributes that are worthy of being loved“. Always formulate your affirmations in a positive way or their efficiency is going to decrease.

2. Affirmations are stated in the present tense

Formulate all of your affirmations as if you already possessed the quality that you would like to attain. If for instance your goal is to become more self-confident, your affirmation for this issue could be something like:“ I am self-confident because I know that I am a human being just as everybody else and that I always have good intentions with all of my actions. My worth is not measured by my successes or losses“ As you can clearly see, this affirmation already includes that the reader has self-confidence.

3. Affirmations have a reason

When we look back to the affirmation we just looked at, we’ll see that there is a reason for the affirmation stated within the sentence. In this case the reason is that the reader is a human being just as everybody else and that his actions are always driven by good intentions.

Another example for an affirmation that someone could use if he wants to be one more healthy would be the following „I am constantly eating whole foods because I know that this will improve my health and help me to get more alive, vital and energized in the long run“.

Also in this affirmation the sentence it structured as if you already attained your quality and there is also a background reason for this statement.

Why is this working ?

Whenever we are having a negative internal dialogue, we are taking ourselves the opportunity of succeeding at this particular subject. By expecting negative things, we will automatically look for more proof that our negative view is right. You RAS (reticular activation system) is only focused on the problem an never on the solution. Loosing becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. In the same way loosing becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, also winning can become a self fulfilling prophecy. By consciously choosing positive, uplifting, personalized affirmations over negative unconscious self talk, we are slowly programming ourselves on becoming a winner. Your subconscious mind gets feed with high quality thought nutrition instead of destructing, self sabotaging junk. The more often you repeat your affirmations, and the more consistent you get with this routine, the more you will actually start to believe them. As a consequence of you believing your affirmations, you will start to act accordingly and your internal resistance to change becomes less challenging.

Be Flexible with your affirmations

After giving you a general direction on how affirmations should be structured, I’d like to emphasize that you don’t necessarily need to use this method of structuring your affirmations. The most important thing is that your affirmations hit you on a deep emotional level, so even if they don’t perfectly fit this scheme, they can still work great. It is in fact far more important that you yourself are loving your sentences and that you feel a sense of joy, pride and confidence while reading your affirmations.

Increase the Power of your affirmations

In order to make you affirmations having an even bigger impact on your life, here are some things you can do to make them having an even bigger impact on your subconscious mind.

Listen to music

Listening to some uplifting or inspirational music while writing, or reading your affirmations is going to make this one of your best and most inspirational moments each day.

2. Say them out loud

If you’re not not necessarily in public, what you can also do is saying your affirmations out loud for yourself. By doing this in a serious, positive and outgoing manner, you will feel the impact your words have on your state even more and your motivation for the day is going to be increased.

3. Believe in your affirmations

The power of everything we do is mostly not limited by real life barriers but just by mental barriers. It’s the same with your affirmations. As long as you don’t believe it will work and you just go through your statements without even trying to make them having an impact on you, they won’t unlock their full potential. On the other side of the coin, if you totally believe in your affirmations and you say them with full awareness of their content while believing in them, their power is going to be limitless.

4. Repitition is key

Writing down your affirmations just once or saying them to yourself only once per month won’t let them have any big influence. As it is with everything else in life, you have to repeat this process on a daily basis in order to make lasting results and improvements. If you really want to go far with this, you should at least repeat your affirmations every single day once.

5. Switch up your routine

Most fitness addicts among us will know that sometimes in order to make further progress, you might switch up your routine with the intention to reach the next level. It’s the same with your affirmations. As you are repeating your affirmations day by day, some of them will be so much integrated that you won’t need them any further. Others might need to be changed or there might be some new one that you would like to add. Also, in order to switch up your routine, you can switch between saying them out loud for yourself and writing them down every single morning. With affirmations you always have to take a look at your emotions and see if they are still hit by your statements. Nothing here is totally right or completely wrong. Do what feels the best for you.

Possible Affirmations you can use

In order to show you some real life expamles of affirmations that have worked for me in the past, I’ll give you my personal (new) list of affirmations that I read out loud for myself on a daily basis:

I am a good person and I want to help others to realize their dreams, believe in themselves and being happy. Only an existence, which helps others, is a fulfilled existence.

Every single human has own reasons for his/her opinions and choices. Nobody is going to be disrespected or judged by me, instead, I treat everybody with respect and tolerance.

I am open minded towards other people, have no stereotypes and I give everyone an honest chance to meet me. I always see the positive side within my fellows.

Regularly, I will work on my Self-Development Youtube Channel and Blog in order to help my fellows and give society some value. I am going to do everything to become successful with this project and it is going to grow constantly. As I motivate others to grow, believe in themselves and fulfill der full potential, I am making this world a better place.

When I talk to others, I take care of my tone of voice I and I try to be as empathic as possible. Every single person I talk to, I try to understand fully and unconditionally.

The development of my personality has high priority and can only happen, if I have enough energy.  In order to achieve big things, I have to take care of my health constantly. I am getting enough sleep, go to fitness regularly and I am having a healthy nutrition.

I am always aware of the worth of the people which I love. My family, friends and my girlfriend are the most important people I have. I will show and tell them regularly that I love them. With lovely words I show that I value them and that I appreciate them.

Every single time when I am making mistakes, fighting with my discipline, going through hard times and learning new things, I am becoming the person I would like to be. One day, I would like to be a role model not only for my kids but even for many other human beings. I want to satisfy my women in any way possible and I want to support her in her dreams and femininity. I will be able to provide my family the life they deserve and i will be physically strong enough to protect them. Many different experiences are the key basis on which a life like this is built. Also, I have to learn to deal constantly with more responsibility and solve bigger problems.

I am making mistakes, I am not perfect and it is not my goal to be perfect. It is not important to make no mistakes, but instead to learn from them and take them as a gift for the future. I should actually make as many mistakes as possible to learn as fast as possible.

The limitations and rules of others are not going to be mines. Me for myself, I have the power over what I would like to achieve within my life and which path I choose. As long as I work hard enough, remain curious and be compassionate towards others, I can achieve everything I want.

I am extremely thankful for everything I have. I am healthy, the people I love are healthy, I am surrounded by people I love, there are people who love me and I neither lack a roof over head nor food in my fridge.

I take reasonability for all of my circumstances, emotions and everything that i achieve during the course of my life. Even during situations that seem to happen by accident, I am still responsible for my reaction to the event.