Visualization – Every Man’s Key to Success


When it comes down to talking about our dreams we become the pros. We see someone with a life that impresses us, and suddenly we also want to have a life like that. The images that pop up in our heads are not even our own ones. But at the same time, we want to appear special and work on our individual dreams. Visualization is the key we all need for anticipating our desired happenings until they finally happen.

Without visualizing our own dreams we are lost in the randomness of daily life. Therefore, make sure that you, first of all, have your own dreams set, and after that to visualize them repeatedly. Here is how to visualize like a big achiever.

Be the star

Whenever you are visualizing yourself, make sure that you actually visualize yourself. You have to be the star in your story. Never be the passive player. Incorporate the manly values you want to shine out. Moreover, by being the main actor in your story you can identify the best how the situation makes you feel like. That’s why our dreams in ego perspective have such an influence – if we remember them.

Embrace the feeling as the star of the story. Let everyone in your visions listen to you. Let them look up to you. And let the women be attracted to you. And if that’s still not enough let yourself look like the most muscular guy in the room. I guess then you really have more than enough good settings to start dreaming.

Focus on the stimulation

When talking about visualizing one’s life people preach to do it always in a positive way. Actually, I don’t think you have to be always positive in your approach to visualizing. Here is the point: What we are after is stimulation. Whether it’s a party, a fight or related to sex, we need some kind of action in our visions! You have to avoid visualizing about boring situations at all cost.

While visions of going through conflict situations can be very releasing, I invite you to go for most of the time for the constructive scenes. At some point in our life, we have always someone who is disrespecting, trying to put us down or commanding us around. And in those moments it can be a great relief to prepare ourselves by going through such a conflict situation in our head. It prepares us and lets us know what kind of reaction are feeling right. But losing yourself in aggressive stimulation will only fuck you up. It messes with your ability to be in control. You just have to keep the balance.

Use your body

Visualization works like affirmations. With plain reading or seeing without any hype, not much will happen. We need to take care of this part ourselves. I invite you to actually warm up before you visualize. Do it when your heartbeat is a bit faster. Mixing up stimulating music and a moving body can create a foundation that will really give you the best feeling you can have for visualization.

Just think of how it is in the morning when you wake up. Do you have the same mental base for thinking about complex problems like you have in the afternoons? Of course, not! Our brain needs to be awake and stimulated in order to give us the best conditions for visualizing big goals. Since we are not after tiny dreams we just have to consider this aspect. There is a spot for the mind between being stimulated and being numb. While numbing our mind has many great benefits, for visualizing it’s better to be awake instead of shut down.

Actually, dancing is an easy way to involve the whole body. That gets your heartbeat on point and your hormones ready for visualizing. So after all, make sure to be active before or while you visualize as we really try to live and feel the dream. It works a lot better with endorphins being released.

The power of music

The aspect of music is so simple but yet very powerful. You just have to switch on something that really changes something within you. You know best which songs are the right ones for you.

Just be sure to know the fact that the music you listen to while visualizing is determining a lot of what you will see. Heavy metal music will make you aggressive. Deep house will make you want to think more your general life whereas heavy metal suits best for escalating situations. For instance, it’s of great value to pre-think your gym sessions with such a stimulating genre. If you imagine yourself training like a beast in the gym chances are high you actually will work out like a beast.

So don’t forget about the power of Music. In addition, what Kind of music you have listed on your phone can determine how you will change long term. Link music to suitable events and you will enhance your overall life quality with visualization.

Visualization pulls you closer to your dream

All in all, it’s very clear that visualization is not only a tool we read here and there. It’s actually THE tool for achieving the big! And the cool thing about it is, that we do it naturally on a daily basis anyway. You just have to know that we can enhance our abilities to visualize by stimulating ourselves with music and movement. As a result, the better we get at visualizing the greater the pull to our dreams will be.

In fact, it’s an overall life skill to be aware of what drives us individually. Because, in the end, we agreed that the feelings we are after are the same for all of us. But we noted out that the way we perceive those feelings is different for everybody. And since it’s manifested by our whole life experiences and values etc., the value you get by finding out what drives you is immense. So upgrade your visions to a next level and you will be a next level man.