What you need to succeed


Real progress is what we all strive for. Regardless of what our profession is we all feel fulfilled by realizing that we move on. What You need to succeed is to be aware of two aspects: strategy and hustle. If you manage to keep track of both there is no way you will stagnate. Here is what you need to do.


Plan in advance

If you aim for something really big you need to plan in advance. It’s actually disrespecting if you don’t show any love to your dreams by leaving them to Chance. Go through what you Need to do before you actually do it. Of course, I’m not talking about every tiny action. But you need to both visualize and write it on paper.

It’s the planning in advance which will make you realize how much you can actually get done in one Week. The Moment I started to make plans my productivity raised at least five times as high as before (no joke). So be sure to not only keep track of the past but even more of the future.

Keep the highest goal alive

We all know the high form of motivation at the beginning of a project. And we start to work while having our big dreams in mind. Time goes by and suddenly we find ourselves lost in the work.

The Moment we get too much into the work routine is the Moment where we forget about our past vision. Doing the work today because you did it yesterday and it’s just your daily life won’t make you succeed. You have to keep your dreams Alive and align the work needed to what would contribute the most value to your big goals. Not vice versa.

The highest goal is always the biggest drive force. I know it’s not easy to keep being reminded of your purpose every day. The best solution is to be permanently asked by others. That will make yourself think of your personal „why“ regularly. But we all know that other won’t take care of that part for us. We have to take the responsibility and ask ourselves in which direction we actually want to go.


Be aggressive

Regardless of how big your goals are you won’t get around this one. Being aggressive is our nature as men. We have that Character already inside of us. If you don’t feel aggressive enough participate in sports or Start to talk passionately about your dreams with others.

The importance of the aggressive trait lies in it’s determining force. Aggression is what makes you move forward without giving setbacks any attention. Since there will always be destructive days the most important part is to not only keep track of your direction but also to keep the hustle alive.

Finish what is planned

Do you also have moments where you are motivated as fuck and you just plan and plan without even thinking about what’s reasonable? I guess we all are like that. I actually See a big advantage in that. By planning incredibly You will at least set your aim high and go for at least some progress.

However, what I want to emphasize is that whenever You set high goals for a specific time, just stick to it! Don’t be less motivated the next day trying to transform your action plan into something more reasonable. If you already planned it just do it.

After you’ve done it is the best time to reflect. It’s naive to reflect whether something is reasonable or not before actually doing it, isn’t it? So endure what you need to endure

So after all, there is also a lot of work related to big dreams. Dreaming itself is totally fine. But if you want to also come closer to not only see but live your dreams you just have to take care of it. By splitting the importance of strategy and hustle you see that we have to be aware of both sides. Only planning won’t make anybody successful. On the other hand, you will lack the guidance if you will just loose yourself in the sum of your todos.