Work On Yourself Like A Real Man


As dedicated men, we take full responsibility for every part of our lives. We do never blamer others for our lack of progress or failure. We do believe that we are capable of becoming who and whatever we want as long as we move forward into the direction of our dreams and the direction of our heart.

Big part of doing this is not just done by hustling on your personal projects and business, but by hustling on yourself.

Jim Rohn himself, the greatest teacher of self-development in history became famous for his quote:“ Learn to work harder on yourself than you work on your job.“

In the end, just as many others of Jim Rohns teachings, also this fundamental lesson is true for becoming that rwal, dedicated man we aspire to become.

Our goal is to become that guy that is not just admired among his friends, but that is also desired by women. We want to be that guy that enters the room and anybody knows that this guy is on a mission, this guy is not to fuck with, this is a real MAN.

As we aspire to become THAT man, working on yourselves will become our never ending life partner. If you think you can become an outstanding man simply by staying the way you are, chances equal zero that you are going to succeed.

In order to become better, we do not have to change circumstances, but we have to change ourselves. It’s not our boss, our health, our husband or wife, our friends, our financial situation or anything else external that is holding us back, it is OURSELVES!

The sooner we accept this as a fact, the better, because it is of fundamental value for entering the arena of self-actualization.

As long as you do not internalize this as a fact, nothing will help you to change your life long term. So before you start to read further in this blogpost, I want you to accept anything that you have right now in your life, as what you have created so far.

Now of course are there certain experiences that we did not create by choice. If our parents did hit us as children, we did not choose that treatment. Still, it is always on our side on how we react to the event. We might not always cause the event, but we will react to it.

So before we start to go deep into how to work on ourselves and improve our personal character, lets start to own our lives with full responsibility and manhood. Let’s face reality as it is and own everything we created so far. So as you did this, now it’s time to get some real shit done….let’s become great DEDICATED MAN!!!

In order for you to do this, we put together 5 general laws for starting to hustle harder on yourself than you do on your job.

  1. Question Your Entire Paradigm

Each of us is living with a different world view. Superficially, we might think that everybody is seeing the same as he walks through life, but in fact, the truth is the exact opposite. Even though you r might see the same things as everybody else objectively, your subjective interpretation can be of complete difference.

The paradigm you come from, or the world view you have influences your subjective experience of the world to a point where it can make the difference between you succeeding in all life areas or you loosing everyting you have.

The paradigm we hold can make life a unique, amazing experience or it can make your life end up like trash. To examine this with an example I’d like you to think of a thief that is robbing a bank. Even though for him and you, robbing a bank is the exact same thing by definition, for you it might be something completely out of your reality that you would never consider doing while for him it is a legitimate chance to improve his life quality.

Each of us has a world view with different beliefs and things one thinks are possible. While you might think it coldn’t be possible to approach a women on the street and have a date with her right then and there, for other men it might be the exact thing they do on a daily basis.

As we want to improve ourselves, we have to make an effort to constantly question our own beliefs and world view. Whenever someone tells us something that seems weird for us or that we think is imposiible, we should make an effort to watch at ourselves maybe limiting ourselves and giving everything an honest chance to be tested.

Instead of using those nasty little words „I know“ or „I don’t think so“, open yourself up for new possibilities and limits that you might have considered so far to be unrealistic.

2. Seek Out For Feedback Everywhere

Seeking out for feedback everywhere will help you to create the self-awareness you need to understand your personal weaknesses and strengths. Each of us has things that he can improve, now matter how far we are on our journey of personal development.

Instead of defending yourself when getting criticized, simply listen and do not dare to explain yourself for anything. When feedback or criticism comes, shut up, and let life do its job, teaching you new lessons.

When that person then stops with his feedback, reflect on it and ask yourself what you cn get out of it. Sometime people have a bad day and simply shame you for something that might not even necessarily be your fault.

Even in such cases we can find the lesson to not do this to others and learn to control our anger and emotions to a point where we do not spread them like fire but instead kill them with love.

What ever life gives you, see it as feedback of what you have created so far. If you always argue with your girlfriend, if you always have problems with paying your rent, if your friends are disrespecting you, always see it as a form of feedback life is giving you and that it is on you to learn your lesson from that.

Also, start to seek for feedback constantly with asking your friends and family for your personal weaknesses and strengths. Give them the chance to tell you everything they can think of and consider everything as something that might have at least some little core of truth.

By looking at life as it is giving you contact feedback, you will move up that journey of self development and always work on those things life wants you to work on the most right now,

3. Constant Renewal

Last but not least, also the habits we have play a big role in our personal life of bettering ourselves. IN order to maximize our progress, we have to make an effort to install good habits while eliminating bad ones over time.

In order to do this, we can separate our lives into 3 different main life areas that all have to be improved along the way.

  1. Physical

Your physical health includes everything that correlates with your physiology meaning doing sports, taking care of your nutrition and sleeping well. The three main habits to implement are:

  1. Doing a sport that you enjoy
  2. Eating healthy foods and cutting out sugar, white flour and processed foods
  3. Getting enough water throughout your day
  4. Getting 8 hours of proper sleep every night

2. Emotional

For your emotional health make sure to express your feelings openly and spend time to improve your relationships. Therefore, implement the following habits:

  1. Make time for your loved ones on a regular basis
  2. Define the different roles that you have as a husband, after, son, friend, brother and set goals what kind of a person you want to be in that role

3. Mental

Growing in your mental health means improving your knowledge and skills. There fore:

  1. Read
  2. Listen to AusioBooks while driving
  3. Go to seminars
  4. Learn new skills by practicing regularly whatever you set out to learn

4. Spiritual

  1. Meditate
  2. Spend Time In Nature
  3. Pray for your loved ones