5. Trees Produce Oxygen

The most obvious and at the same time most important reason why each of us should plant one tree is that without them, we would simply not be able to survive. The global tree count has fallen by 46% since the dawn of human civilization. Of course trees are important since we are in need of wood and paper in order to survive. Still, by killing trees we are killing ourselves. Oxygen, the source of our life won’t exist without the natural process of trees recreating oxygen. Killing trees on a big scale is going to kill life long term.

4. Trees Increase Real Estate Values

The value of your property can be increased around 15% and more whenever a tree beauties your garden or neighborhood.

3. Trees Feed Us

Just as trees provide us with oxygen so that we can breath and be alive, many of them also feed us with their fruits. It doesn’t matter if it’s apples, cherries or any other fruit, trees are an amazing provider of food without that we would miss many tasty and healthy foods today.

2. Trees Reproduce

1. Trees Are An Important Habitat For Animals

Just as trees provide us with food, wood, paper and oxygen, they also provide a natural habitat for many different animals. Birds, insects and rodents are all using plants and trees to build their caves and nests. By planting a tree, you are helping mother nature to grow, heal and ultimately you will feel better about yourself because you did something to save nature.